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Concertos dos Amon Amarth e Arch Enemy disponibilizados na íntegra

O canal Arte Concert transmitiu e disponibilizou os concertos dos Arch Enemy e dos Amon Amarth, na Arena König-Pilsener, em Oberhausen, na Alemanha.

Podem ver os concertos na íntegra nos seguintes links:

Setlists dos espetáculos:

Arch Enemy:
"The World Is Yours"
"War Eternal"
"My Apocalypse"
"Under Black Flags We March"
"The Eagle Flies Alone"
"First Day in Hell"
"As the Pages Burn"
"No Gods, No Masters"
"Dead Bury Their Dead"

Amon Amarth:
"Raven's Flight"
"Runes to My Memory"
"Death in Fire"
"Deceiver of the Gods"
"First Kill"
"Fafner's Gold"
"Crack the Sky"
"The Way of Vikings"
"Prediction of Warfare"
"Shield Wall"
"Guardians of Asgaard"
"Raise Your Horns"

"The Pursuit of Vikings"
"Twilight of the Thunder God"

Por: Patrícia Almeida - 18 Dezembro 19