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Blaze Bayley lança novo álbum em março de 2021

Blaze Bayley, ex-vocalista dos Iron Maiden, anunciou na sua página oficial no Instagram, que lançará um novo álbum de estúdio, em março de 2021. Blaze e o guitarrista Cris Appleton já reuniram novo material inédito e, segundo o vocalista, os resultados até agora são "muito emocionantes".

No próximo mês de abril, Blaze lança "Live in Czech", um CD/DVD ao vivo gravado no ano passado, em Brno, República Checa.

Em setembro, o vocalista planeia relançar o álbum "Tenth Dimension", de 2002, com uma nova embalagem e um design melhorado. Haverá, também, uma versão do álbum em vinil pela primeira vez.

Abaixo, poderá ler a publicação de Blaze no Instagram.

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Welcome 2020! Having said goodbye to another year and in thanking you for all the wonderful support, we also take this opportunity to welcome you to 2020. Firstly, we wish you a very happy and healthy new year, and next take a moment to tell you about our plans for this year and a little further. Live in Czech As you know, in April we release 'Live in Czech' which is the concluding piece of the 'Infinite Entanglement' trilogy, featuring the setlist played on the 'Tour of the Eagle Spirit', including some of the more epic tracks like 'Eagle Spirit' and 'Together We Can Move the Sun'. Thank you so much to all of you that have pre-ordered 'Live in Czech' so far. New full metal studio album Apart from our Brazil Tour this month, Burr Fest in March and summer festivals, we will concentrate on song-writing for a brand new full metal album planned for release in March 2021. As you can see below, Blaze and Chris have already started and early reports from Blaze are that the results so far are very exciting. Tenth Dimension So, what's happening in the later part of 2020? We're thrilled to say that in September we plan to re-issue the 'Tenth Dimension' album which will be re-packaged with upgraded artwork and we'll also release for the first time a vinyl version. In many ways that album is a prequel to the trilogy and so it's interesting to explore that more deeply. To go with that re-issue we are soon to announce a European Tour for September-October, and a UK Tour for November, both featuring a 'Tenth Dimension' setlist. So, that gives you a clear idea of where we're heading with our plans for 2020-2021.... April 2020 : 'Live in Czech' CD and DVD September 2020 : 'Tenth Dimension' CD re-issue and vinyl LP March 2021 : new full metal studio album Thank you once again for making all this even possible. We'll bring you more news as soon as we can. #blazebayley #britishmetal @iron maiden #wolfsbane #liveinczech #tenthdimension #newalbum
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