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Interview with Havok

North American Thrashers Havok are back with a brand new album “V” that will see the light of day on the 1st May. In face of all the troubles, the world is facing, one honestly hopes the V stands for Victory. Their most recent member and bass player, Brandon Bruce, took some time to answer some questions from Metal Imperium. 

M.I.- The band recently released the video for “Phantom Force”, one of the tracks to be featured on the new album “V”, and it has an immense amount of views. In your opinion, how have the reactions to it been so far?

The initial reaction has seemed very positive. We are looking forward to releasing the rest of the singles as well as the album. 

M.I.- What does V stand for? Is it because it is your 5th album or does it stand for a work like Victory, for example?

We have our meaning(s) but ultimately it means whatever it means to you as an individual. 

M.I.- “V extols the virtues of Havok’s past and yet celebrates with staccato brilliance where the group are at today. Indeed, the quartet are refining their craft, writing better, catchier songs, and pushing the sonic envelope without sacrificing the aggression, the attitude, the smarts, and the intensity that commanded Time Is Up (2011) and Unnatural Selection (2013) to circle-pit infamy”. What can fans expect of “V”?

I think you describe it perfectly. We tried to hone our music as songwriters while not compromising the aggression or attitude that we are known for.

M.I.- The band’s sound has gradually gotten more diverse and layered. Musical growth has been going hand-in-hand with your physical and mental growth. How much of an impact did maturity and experience have in the writing and recording process of “V”?

Growth is a natural process as humans and in creativity. Not consciously was done in the record to move forward as a band. We are just writing songs that we are passionate about. 

M.I.- This is the band’s first album with Brandon Bruce. What did he bring in to the band? What has he contributed with so far?

I have been friends with the band for a long time and actually joined them on tour during their release tour for “Conformicide”. My goal with Havok is to be the best bandmate and musician they have ever worked with. I tried to really focus on composition and structure on this new album and assist Havok in honing their skills as songwriters. 

M.I.- Thrash has often needed a proverbial shot in the arm. And in most cases throughout its storied history, it’s received it... the genre has had its sonic saviors. Well, now that thrash is nearly four decades old, do you believe “V” will be one of Thrash’s sonic saviors?

We have no clue how it will be perceived until it comes out. We hope that fans will enjoy it as much as we do. Ultimately, time will tell. 

M.I.- The band hopes to hit North America a couple of times, Europe a couple of times, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa on this album cycle. With this coronavirus pandemia going on, do you think there will be a change of plans? If you do cancel the tour, do you believe you will eventually do it later on? How much can this affect the band? 

We are not scientists nor doctors so I can’t comfortably comment on a disease that is affecting the world and killing people. However, regardless of this illness, Havok will do what we need to do to bring our music to our fans. It is possible that plans may change or things will get delayed but without fail Havok will be there as soon as we can. 

M.I.- In 30 years, when you are sixty something and reminiscing about your younger years and life… what would you like to think of your life as a musician and as an individual? 

I would just like to not regret anything. Move onward and upward and be able to look back on my life with happiness. As long as I can do that I was successful. 

Thank you for interviewing us. It was my pleasure.

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca