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Interview with Black Therapy

June 10 saw the release of "Onward", the new album by Melodic Death Metal act Black Therapy Nine brand new tracks by the band from Rome, Italy, packed with gloomy and sorrow-fueled melodic death metal, with catchy melodies and a perfect balance of aggression and dark, doomy atmosphere. This killer release coming from the house of Black Lion Records was a good reason for Metal Imperium to interview the band!

M.I. - What’s the main difference between this album and the previous one “Echoes of Dying Memories”?

This time we went for a more aggressive approach compared to « Echoes », without ditching the melancholic aspect of our music of course. I decided to sing clean on a couple of tracks because I think that clean vocals fit these songs, it was something natural. We always write the music that we'd like to hear, and I think that is a very important thing.

M.I. - Nine brand new tracks packed with gloomy and sorrow-fueled melodic death metal, with catchy melodies and a perfect balance of aggression and dark, doomy atmosphere. Was it complicated writing this album?

The songwriting process was quite similar to that of our previous releases. Lorenzo is the main songwriter, but this time Andrea also composed a lot of songs and riffs. When the music is done, I write the vocal lines and the lyrics. Lorenzo is also a sound engineer, and for this record we decided to do everything in his studio, he also mixed and mastered the album.

M.I. - There will be a release party for “Onward” on the 10th June. Who will be invited? What can guests expect of it?

Everyone is invited, we will play five songs from Onward along with songs from our previous records. It will be a special show to celebrate the release of the new album.   

M.I. - The album was written during the pandemic. Has the pandemic been inspirational for it? What are the topics approached in the lyrics? How has the pandemic affected Black Therapy as a band and as individuals?
We were planning some shows to promote our previous record but the pandemic forced us to stay still, so we decided to use this opportunity to write a new album and take all the time it needed to refine every little detail. Lyricwise there are different topics, freeing ourselves from our self-imposed boundaries, not letting ourselves be influenced by the lack of common sense and by the blindness of the world, or even Love. In the end, this is a more “hopeful” record compared to the previous ones.

M.I. - 3 singles have already been released. How have people been reacting to them so far? Of all the new tracks, which one is your favourite one and why? I like “Together” very much but the album keeps growing on me each time I spin it. 

I believe 4 singles have been released as of now, people are enjoying them and we got a lot of preorders, all is good so far! My favourite one is “Together”, and you can easily guess why!

M.I. - When will Black Therapy start promoting the new album? This summer? Many concerts and festivals booked already?
I would love to answer “yes!” to your questions, but the truth is that things are in the works but nothing is booked as of now. It's becoming increasingly difficult to book shows at good conditions, travelling is becoming more expensive as days go by.

M.I. - In a Facebook post you asked if Black Therapy should hit the portuguese stages with Moonshade, a portuguese metal act? What responses did you get? Will it actually happen?
Once again I would love to say “yes”, but all I can say is that both us and Moonshade would love to do it but it's difficult right now, maybe in the future.

M.I. - This will be the band’s second album under the Black Lion Records banner. How much has changed in your life ever since you inked that deal?

We felt right at home when we released “Echoes of Dying Memories” with Black Lion. Unfortunately we didn't promote it properly in a live setting because of the pandemic, but we hope to have the chance to play more live shows to promote “Onward”.

M.I. - There are always 3 years between Black Therapy’s albums. Is this the perfect amount of time to release an album, properly promote it and write another one?
Actually, this isn't something planned, it just always happens like this.

M.I. - The majestic artwork was done by Simon Bossert and it has a Dissection vibe to it. Has this band been an influence on your sound at all? The melodic death metal scene was bing in the 90’s. Name a few bands from that era that actually made a difference in you.

I would say that most of the melodic death metal scene of the 90's had a big influence on us. Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, early In Flames, a bit of Dissection, Dan Swano's Edge of Sanity, those bands really made a difference.

M.I. - And now are there any bands that influence somehow? Metal or not!

The swedish roots are always there, but we also got influenced by finnish melancholic bands such as Insomnium.

M.I. - Are you familiar with the portuguese metal scene? Which bands do you appreciate the most? 

I can't say I'm very familiar with the portuguese metal scene, but I really like Moonspell. Of the more underground acts, I know Gaerea and of course Moonshade.

M.I. - How’s the Italian metal scene? And in Rome? Is there a big scene over there? Has the pandemic brought the bands more together than ever or has it worked the other way around?

Rome is... difficult. I can't say that there is a real metal scene, especially in our genre. But there are really good bands here in Roma, even if they struggle to emerge. The pandemic made it very difficult for some bands to find the motivation to go on, while other bands took it as an opportuinity to write new tunes instead. It really depends on each single case.

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca