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Interview with Feed The Rhino

One of the Uk’s most incendiary live bands, Feed The Rhino, have recently announced that they’ll be playing in Portugal this Summer in order to promote their latest album “The Silence” that was released last Friday, February 16th. To find out more details about it all, Metal Imperium talked to the band.

M.I. - Why the name Feed The Rhino? Why a rhino and not any other animal? With such a funny name, do you want to be taken seriously or not?

Ha! What a friendly opening question! With 9 years of tours & festivals, 4 albums and 15 singles, I like to think we are taken fairly seriously! Why not a rhino? What have you got against rhinos?! Haha!

M.I. - Under band’s interests there are listed Vans, Jagermeister, Sabian Cymbals and Mesa/Boogie… are you sponsored by these brands?

Yeah, we are, but we are also very interested in them too! 

M.I. - The band plays hardcore/metal… was it your intention to play this style when you started off or did this style just fit you the best?

I'm not sure that's how I would describe our music if I am being honest (even though it’s the official genre of the band...), I think we have soft elements and heavy elements. Big riffs and punky sections. We really just write music we like and is fun to play!

M.I. - “The Silence” is the new album that’ll be released on February 16th… why have you opted for this title?

The album has a theme running through it about what we've been up to in the last 4 years since our last record. “The Silence” seemed like a poignant title.

M.I. - The album contains 11 tracks… which one is your favourite and why?

Impossible to say as we are really proud of them all! I love the title track “The Silence” though. It depends on my mood I guess! I'm excited to play them live, and I think that'll shape which I like the most too.

M.I. - The cover artwork is quite impressive. Who designed it? What’s its meaning?

Thank you! All the artwork and videos were done by the master Robin Fuller. We wanted to have a theme running through all our artwork and videos. Again, it ties in with the theme of the album and title... 5 bodies floating... waiting to get their feet back on the ground, etc.

M.I. - The band says this album is an evolution from the latest album “The Sorrow and The Sound”. An evolution in what way?

We believe it’s evolved in every way! The song writing is better in our opinion, the heavy songs are heavier, the mellow songs are more heartfelt and sad, and the production is better. As an artist, I think it’s always important to try and grow from record to record.

M.I. - The promotional bio mentions that “Their newest offering’s sound could be described as Gallows meeting the Southern groove of Down, and the melodic choruses of alternative's greats like Deftones or Alice In Chains.” How do you feel when you are compared to classic awesome bands?

It’s flattering for sure... however, I am not sure how much we pay attention to it. It’s just part of the process of releasing music, and people need to be given some context about what we do musically. But we just try and write the best music we can, and music we are proud to release.

M.I. - Feed The Rhino are renowned as ‘one of the UK’s most incendiary live bands’ (Kerrang!) and much-lauded for their ferocious yet melodic sound… why are your live shows labelled “incendiary”? Care to explain?

Things, people, instruments and stages get broken. Stages are dived off, pits are circled and heads are walked on. Best bet is to come to one and see for yourself!

M.I. - Supposedly, the only way to really capture the heart of what the band’s all about is by attending one of your shows. Why is that? Isn’t your heart exposed in the albums as well?

Good question! We have never really understood that either! To us, there are two sides of the Rhino... and our records are definitely more introspective and personal. I think we’re much MORE exposed on record. I guess when people see us live they see both sides though, perhaps that's why it has been said.

M.I. - 2018 marks the 10th year anniversary of the band… what’s the best thing that happened in this decade?

Nearly... we actually formed in 2009. I wouldn't want to pick one moment, but I can tell you that being in FTR has been the most crazy, unpredictable and exciting adventure I've had! I'm looking forward to see where it takes us next!

M.I. - Which bands/musicians have influenced Feed The Rhino’s sonority?

So many that it would be impossible to list! I think the main ones are Rage Against The Machine, Queens Of The Stone Age, Norma Jean and Jimi Hendrix.

M.I. - What are your plans for 2018? 

Loads of live shows! Taking The Silence to the people!

M.I. - You have a tour planned and you’ll be playing at Hellfest… how excited are you?

Really excited! We can’t wait to come back with a new set, and have been rehearsing really hard to make our show the best it can be!

M.I. - What’s the most exciting thing about being in a band? 

Answering questions about our band name! Second to that, I’d say playing festivals.

M.I. - How old were you when you decided you had to dedicate yourself to music? Do you do it full time or do you have a job?

I have known that music would be my life since I was really young. I think some people have it in their blood. We all have jobs outside the band, but mine is also in music.... I am a producer/ mix engineer, which has been my profession for 15 years (website here: www.hiddentrackstudios.co.uk)

M.I. - All the best for the band and don’t forget to come to Portugal and “destroy” our stages! Share a message with our readers please.

Thanks! We can’t wait! A big thank you to any and all of our Portuguese fans for the support over the years, and we hope you love The Silence as much as we do!

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Interview by Sónia Fonseca