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Vocalist and bassist Steve Tucker spoke about the past, present and future referring to Kingdoms Disdained as a new chapter in the book Morbid Angel.

M.I.: The last album that Morbid Angel (MA) have recorded it was 6 years ago. Why did it take so long to release a new one?

Morbid Angel always takes a while to do albums, i think it was 8 years between the Heretic and Illud Divinum Insanus albums, as well, with me returning to the band, we had to get a schedule together.  

M.I.: Once MA debut album is one of the best metal records ever released do you feel any pressure on the following albums?

That was a long time ago and I feel that since then there has been some amazing music written and performed. Pressure is something that is imaginary. It is not real to try to live up to some standard that was set by circumstance, there could never be another Alters of Madness, just like there could never be another Reign in Blood, or another Van Halen 1... All of these albums were written at a time that is long past and so is circumstances around the people making it at the time... It is best to look forward.

M.I.: This new release finds the band with only one of the members, (Trey Azagthoth), did it takes an extra effort by the band in this one in particular?

One member from Altars, yes, but Trey and I worked together for nearly a decade and made some great music together and I am very happy with Kingdoms Disdained. 

M.I.: Kingdoms Disdained is undeniably brutal again but some variety is missing along the tracks. Did you guys want to play it safe? 

No, playing it safe was never part of the plan. I make brutal music, it is what I do. The album has some new techniques on it that we nor anyone else in death metal have not previously done, poly rhythms and crazy counter melodies...strange under string chords etc ... this is another chapter in the Morbid Angel book.

M.I.: The critic says that the cover artwork is a visual description of the album's music: displaying an elderly and gigantic beast spreading fire and destruction! Does MA agree with this?  If so, was it on purpose?

I personally love the artwork, I think it paints an incredible image of the world.  This artwork was completely on purpose, Ken Coleman is an amazing artist and also a MA fan, that helped a lot when exchanging ideas, he was amazing to work with and we are completely thrilled with the art.

M.I.: “Sounds like old MA” it's what you hear the most about Kingdoms Disdained! How does MA feel about this?

I think that is a great thing considering... this band has existed for many years and it is important that people recognize the music immediately as MA...  I think MA is a style that many are very familiar with and do not want this changed, I am one of these people.

M.I.: No upcoming events scheduled so far.  Are MA preparing any album tour? If so, for when and where?

Actually I am leaving in a couple days to start rehearsals for the upcoming tour in April and May in North America. 

M.I.: Does MA already are thinking/have material for a new one?

No, not at this time, Kingdoms Disdained is still very fresh to us, we will think about new stuff in the future but right now we are focused on doing shows.  

M.I.: How about the culture of death metal fans: male/female ratio, the age of the audience or the etiquette in the mosh pit. Have you noticed changes over the years and does it change depending on which country you play in?

Over time the audience has actually evened out quite a bit. There was a time when the shows were mostly male but that is no longer the case, there are many females at the shows now, and they know their shit when it comes to death metal!

M.I.: Want to leave a few words to MA fans?

Thanks for the many years of love and support. We look forward to seeing you on tour.  

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Questions by Sandra Gil Santos