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Interview with Murder Of My Sweet

A lot has happened between these two albums (“Personal Hell” and “Brave Tin World”). For that matter, we had the chance to have a chat with singer Angelica Rylin, from this Swedish Gothic/Symphonic Metal band. We talked about climate change, her point of view regarding this subject, the experience of meeting fans, motherhood and much more. Here is The Murder Of My Sweet at its finest.

M.I. - Hi and thank you so much for taking some of your time to answer some of our questions. How have you been doing?

Hi there! We are great, and very excited about the album release.

M.I. - After two years, you’ll be releasing a new album, called “Brave Tin World” on the 6th December, by label Frontiers Music Srl. Many fans thought you broke up. Could you explain what took you so long?

Two years are, actually, quite normal for us. We tend to be very meticulous about the songwriting and the production and we don’t want to waste a record just to get more music out there. We want to deliver quality, not quantity, and I think our most devoted fans know that and expect that from us.

M.I. - Tell us about the ideas behind the lyrics and the music for the album.

On this album, we have been inspired by what’s going on in the world today. There are a lot of big political movements happening and strange decisions being made by world leaders and then we have the whole climate debate, and what everything really comes down to is what kind of world we will leave our children and grandchildren when they grow up.

M.I. - The first official single and album´s opening track is called “Tin Soldiers”. What’s the concept of the song?

“Tin Soldiers” is about standing up against inequality. We are moving towards a society where women and men should be equal but there is so much more work to do in that department.

M.I. - On the album cover, we can see a child, probably 2 years old, in his bedroom, holding a balloon, looking outside the door and seeing the space through his eyes. What are you trying to tell us with this cover (any message)?

The climate debate and how we take care of our planet is something that is very important to me and we need to act and to take it seriously. The boy on the cover is, actually, my son and we wanted to picture him as the next generation, looking down at the world we left them. We had excellent help from Mattias Norén, who has done some of our other album covers.

M.I. - We can see you’ve created your own identity and, clearly, the Nordic culture has a big impact on your work and many fans can relate to that. How do you feel about that?

I feel much honoured every time a fan writes to tell us how much our music means to them or to let us know that we have helped them through a rough time in their life. Moreover, I am in awe about the mere fact that music, no matter the genre or style, can have such a strong impact on people. 

M.I. - What are your goals with this album? I’ve read on your Facebook page and I quote: “This album has something we've never accomplished before”. What do you mean by this?

We have a bunch of standalone songs, that aren’t necessarily forced to sound epic. Our goal on this album was to have the songs sound “natural”.

M.I. - We feel like we’re in a movie and this album is the perfect soundtrack for it. So powerful. What changed between this one and “Echoes of the Aftermath”?

Our aim has always been to create a cinematic sound and your description really captures that, so thank you. We always aim to grow and evolve between albums, both as musicians and as a band. This time I also became a mom.

M.I. – Next year, can we expect a tour and will it come to Portugal?

We are always very eager to play live and we haven’t been to Portugal yet so who knows? We don’t have any tours planned as we speak but I would love to come to Portugal!

M.I. - Thanks once again for your time and kindness. Any final words you’d like to share with our readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview. I hope you’ll pick up a copy of the album when it’s out on Dec 6th. Until then, you can check out the singles and our previous albums on Spotify and YouTube.

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Questions by Raquel Miranda