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Interview with Night in Gales

This time, Metal Imperium interviewed Night in Gales and what better way to discover this band at its finest, than to talk with Jens Basten (guitarist and one of the founders)?! This album, that was released on the 24th July, via Apostasy Records, is a must-have on your collection.
We talked about how it all went, the lyrics, the music, the new lineup and how does it feel to be part of the Melodic Death Metal scene.

M.I. -  Hi there. Thank you for receiving me and hope you are great. What have you been up to?

Hi, thanks for having me. It's a lazy Sunday, the first weekend after the release of 'Dawnlight Garden'. I did some social media promotion, had a brief conversation with our record label, Apostasy Records, and besides that all things Metal, I built up a stroller for the first time, (laughts).

M.I. -  This album “Dawnlight Garden” was released on the 24th July, via Apostasy Records. It’s a marvelous album, that shows that you went back to your roots. How did you create the music and lyrics? Was it difficult to play the instruments, that create this unique atmosphere? How multifaced are you?

It is a natural thing for me to compose this style of music. I just switch on my cubase system, grab a guitar and start. Nearly everything I record within such songwriting sessions, ends up on the album later. It is a spontaneous thing; I don't plan the tracks before. I give myself a straight deadline to complete music, lyrics and arrangements, as I am an impatient person. 

M.I. -  How long have you been planning this album? How many songs did you write and how did you choose the one that were more suitable? 

We decided to do another album after the first reactions on 'The Last Sunsets' reached us. So, it was a period of some months. There were two songs, that didn't make it to a final version and therefore, not on the album.

M.I. -  Who was the responsible for the amazing sound? And what new features did the team bring to this record?

We had exactly the same team this time as for 'The Last Sunsets'. Drum recordings at studio141 with Roger Grüniger, drum edit by Robin Mussmann at Luna Tonstudio Lünen, vocal and guitar tracking at my own home recording, Metal4Metal Studio, and finally and most Importantly, album mix and mastering by Dan Swanö, at Unisound Studio.

M.I. -  Costin Chioreanu (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Enslaved…) was the responsible for the album cover and the background is a nod to the band’s early days… the garden in the foreground symbolizes the here and the now with all its different aspects. Do tell us more about the symbols and their importance, please. 

'Dawnlight Garden' symbolizes death, or let’s say, what awaits us after death and the process of dying and leaving physically this earth. Some expect hell, others heaven, some hope to be reborn. It’s all about the hereafter, perspectives of what lies beyond.

M.I. -  This important artist was also responsible for the title-track. You said and I quote: “The artist had the task of designing the artwork to be inspired only by the music and lyrics of the song, and the result exceeded our expectations many times over”. Was it difficult for him or did you give him any ideas or hints? 

As I told him, he would receive only the title song and its lyrics, it was ok for him, as this is the way he asks normally to do it. But as I named him the final decision of the album’s title 'Dawnlight Garden', he was very happy, as both words 'Dawnlight' and 'Garden' bringing multiple visual details to your mind within seconds. He said that he had a thousand ideas immediately and that he would probably deliver his most detailed work to date, what he did then as we know now, (laughts). The artwork is more than we could expect. It is just flawless and reflects the concept perfectly.

M.I. -  Among all the songs, which are your favorite? Why?

For me, it is 'Beasts Leave Tombs Again' as this one is less melodic and brings some OSDM/ Deathmetal/Clandestine-vibe to the table. 'Beyond The Light' has a very strong start, that kicks off the album just perfectly, this one I like as well a lot. The best hook line holds 'Kingdom', the most unusual and progressive track of the album. 

M.I. -  After twenty-three years, you re-recorded "A Spark In The Crimson Eclipse", which was featured on your 7“ single “Razor”. Why this song? Was it difficult to recreate it? 

This track was only released on this long time sold out 7", and as it's one of our better early compositions. It was simply about time to give it a second try. And we were curious to see, how that old track would work alongside the new tracks on 'Dawnlight Garden', as we claim them to sound old school 90s - style etc., (laughts). It was easy to re-record it, the riffs were coming back to hands after some minutes of trying. As we play in a lower tuning now, it sounds heavier now.

M.I. Björn Gooßes left the band and Christian Müller has returned. Is there any resentment between the band and Björn? Do you follow his project “The Very End”? Will it be possible to see a collaboration between the two singers, since both of them, have a specific voice? 

Well, no. There are no problems, it's just that Björn had a different vision or let’s say approach how the band would continue so he decided to make “Five Scars” his farewell album. There was a collaboration in 1999 on our album “Nailwork”, when Björn was, of course, still in the band but Christian was invited to bring some guest vocals for "All Scissors Smile" to the table. And we had both Christian and Björn for a song on stage in 2007 as we did some special performance at the Evil Horde Metalfest. 
I was part of The Very End for the first few months since their founding, but quit shortly after as I got the chance to join Deadsoil back then, who were on the run to record their debut album and heading for a three weeks US-tour with Reflux and The Warriors.

M.I. -  What surprises can fans expect? I know you will have some special merchandise for the first time in the band’s history. Why now? Was it difficult to create it? 

As the pre-sale was expected to be successful, Apostasy Records did 2 different limited Wooden-Boxsets this time, and the gatefold vinyl comes in 4 different colors. There is a shirt / digipack bundle offered as well. Some items are already or nearly sold out, so it’s time to check them if you are one of the true collectors.

M.I. -  What are your favorite bands? Which ones would you like to tour with? 

The older I get, I go here with the big names, the shit that always stays, like early Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Bad Religion, NO/FX, early Manowar, Metallica, Slayer and the late 80s LA-stuff like GN'R, Love/Hate, Crüe and Whitesnake is what always worked and works for me.
On the darker side, it’s early Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Death, early Cannibal Corpse, early Entombed, early At The Gates, early Paradise Lost.

M.I. -  You are part of the Melodic Death Metal scene, along with great bands such as Dark Tranquility, Amorphis, Sentenced and In Flames. What do you think about this genre? 

In the early 90s, it all started real naturally and as a way out of the limitations of the Death Metal standards, which were mainly the Stockholm OSMD style, UK-style and US/Florida style. In my opinion, the Doom-Death acts like Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Anathema and My Dying Bride were important for the initial movement here. It was a logical next step. Most important are early albums by At The Gates, Dissection, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Desultory!, Edge Of Sanity and Eucharist. Important as well are Ceremonial Oath, Unanimated, Decameron, early Arch Enemy and from UK side, it is for sure Cradle Of Filth. Later there were some keyboards added by Finnish bands, led by Children Of Bodom, the Pagan/Viking thing, and years later it was mixed up by Metalcore/NWOAHM bands. So today everything you can imagine is labelled and marketed as Melodic Death Metal, but this is often far away from what was called "Gothenburg-style" back then. 

M.I. -  Twenty-five years have gone by and you’re stronger than ever. How do you imagine the band’s future and yours too? 

Yes, it’s a long time but we made some breaks and weren't signed all the time so it was not working on full power all the time. We found good modus now to create and release new albums and we don't need to play so much live to promote them as we have a motivated record label on our back, caring for good promotion and distribution. So why not do other albums in the future, let’s see.
For me, the bigger change is in my house, as I’ll become a father next month. So, it never gets boring as you see.

M.I. -  Thanks so much and once again, thanks for answering my questions. Any final words for the readers and Metal fans out there? 

Thank for your support. If you're collectors, visit our Bandcamp store at www.night-in-gales.com for special items, vinyl’s, shirts and patches.
Thanks to everyone supporting us - cheers! 

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Interview by Raquel Miranda