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Interview with Saxon

From the 70s all the way to today’s present, Saxon is undoubtedly one of the most recognized names in the Heavy Metal and they’re still going strong, keeping themselves busy even in a chaotic era due to the pandemics. Maybe because of that we weren’t able to get all the detailed answers we wanted but nonetheless, here’s what Biff had to say.

M.I. – Hello! First of all, thank you so much for granting us this interview, it’s such an honor for us to be interviewing a band with this legendary status and long-time career in the music industry. How are you doing and how have you been coping with all the lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the pandemic?
We’ve been writing and recording as we have no live work and we have to do the next best thing and it is time to be creative.

M.I. – Now, “Inspirations” is a full set of covers, with 11 tracks, from Rolling Stones to Black Sabbath. What is it that inspired you (pun intended) to release “Inspirations”?
We have some fun to play together again and to give the people something different in the lockdown. And it was good for us as the record company asked about a new album. And then the idea of the cover album was there – and we loved the idea and went to work. 

M.I. – Which of these 11 tracks would you say is your favorite one and why?
I don’t have a favorite, I have to be honest and tell you, I like them all.

M.I. – It feels like you guys had a lot of fun recording these tracks, with so many lively themes and strong paced riffs. Did you have other songs in mind that you would have included in the album but for some reason were cut out? If so, which ones and why were they cut out from the final form?
We recorded everything live so it was great fun.  There are hundreds of bands we could have put on the album but we had to decide. Each of us made a list of the songs we are inspired by or like them a lot. We all sat down and went through the list and decided together. For sure, each member of Saxon has their favorite on Inspirations.  

M.I. – Saxon has been one of those bands that have been around for so many years now, that it’s hard to ignore that you have been such a great influence for other legendary bands, like Metallica, for example.  Some of these bands have released covers with Saxon songs in the past. Now it’s Saxon’s turn to release a cover album. Is this your way of paying a tribute to some of your all-time favorite bands and thanking them for their contribution to the music, in particular to Saxon’s music?
Every one of these songs is epic and are on epic albums. We tried not pick the obvious ones. It is not a tribute, it is really what we grew up with, which songs inspired us or had a big influence on us. 

M.I. – Now, for those who might not know this, you have been in the music industry since the 70’s. Have you ever thought that you would be releasing a cover album during such a troubled time, in the middle of a pandemic? Would you say that this release could also be one way of easing the pain that everyone’s going through and make everyone forget – even for a little bit – all this mess that the world is in right now?
Yes, it’s intended to be a fun listening experience and, like I said before, it is quite difficult for us bands not being able to go on the road and play live.

M.I. – In regards to live shows, I am guessing that things are not looking so good, despite the fact that we’re already receiving the first batches of the new vaccine. I believe your last show has occurred in the first quarter of 2020. Are there any plans to go on tour? If so, is there any chance we could expect to see you here in Portugal anytime soon?
Yes, last show was a year ago. There may be some shows in the UK happening but not 100% sure yet. As far as Europe goes, maybe next year.

M.I. – With such a vast and iconic career, is there any other accomplishments you would like to reach? What else is there for Saxon to conquer?
Conquer is probably not the right word - we would like to just keep rolling as long as we can, as simple as that. 

M.I. – Nowadays, we see new bands coming out every day. Do you believe that things are somehow easier these days than they were in the 70’s, for example?
No. I don’t think it’s easier. It might be quicker and the spreading is immediately there because we didn’t have social media. We just had a van and traveled ourselves from gig to gig.

M.I. – Is there any advice you would like to share with these bands?
Just keep writing and rehearsing and putting music out there, stay on in what you believe.  

M.I. – After so many years, Saxon can still surprise us. Creativity has always been flowing really well and the energy never fails to amaze the fans. What is your secret for such longevity in the business?
It is really hard work and being focused as much as possible, trying to stay on top and still be there for our music.
M.I. – What can we expect for Saxon’s future? What’s next for you?
I’m releasing an album with my son Seb and the next Saxon record is out in the beginning of next year. 

M.I. – I have two more questions for you. You know, I remember that Saxon was one of the headliners for Vagos Open Air back in 2013. Unfortunately, things got cancelled. I was attending that show specifically to see Saxon live for my very first time and was incredibly excited. Do you remember what happened back then? 
Sorry but I don’t remember what happened. We don’t cancel things for no reason but I would not recall why.

M.I. – Is there something you would like to address to the Portuguese fans that are eagerly waiting for you to return to our stages as soon as possible?
Yep! Portugal is a stunning country with massive history and we love to come and play there

M.I. – All right, thank you so much for your time, it’s been a huge, huge honor for us. Hopefully we can all see you on the stages once the virus has been dealt with. Keep going strong and congratulations on another great album! Cheers! 
Thank you!

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