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Interview with Letzte Instanz

I give you my Word Of Honor or in German “Ehrenwort” is the name of the album of this German band, that was released via AFM Records, on the 29th October 2021. Such a beautiful album, that can melt the most icy hearts. And they sure can!!!
We had the opportunity to chat with Holly Loose, the singer, that gave us full details about the record, introduced the band, the composition and more.
And did you know that they are the creators of a new genre?
Read and find out more!!!
M.I. -  Hi there, guys. Greetings from Portugal to Germany. Thanks so much for answering these questions. How are you and how’s everything there?

In the first place it must be said: Thank you for your interest in German music and especially in us as a band from Germany. We are doing pretty well, despite this strange time. We have a lot to do and look to the future with good cheer.

M.I. -  Could you introduce yourselves and tell us everything about the band, please?

I haven't heard this request in a long time. My name is Holly Loose, and I am the singer of the German-speaking rock band “Letzte Instanz”. The band was formed in 1997 or 1998, nobody really knows anymore. There were quite a few funny things that make us forget. But now we have grown up, have more children than band and crew members, and behave ourselves when we tour Germany, Europe and the world. Only at home do we become children again, romping around with our own children and making sure that at some point, they follow in our footsteps. The band consists of a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a violinist, a cellist and a singer. That makes the rhythm faction play rather brute, while the strings and I play more romantic, lyrical and melodious. In Germany, it is called "brutal (or brachial) romanticism".

M.I. -  “Ehrenwort” (Word of Honor) is a statement, that shows commitment and promise to you as band members, and for the fans. How did you create the lyrics and what does every track represent? For example, friendship? Could you tell us more?

I write in the bathtub, on the tram, by the campfire and in bed. Actually everywhere. My cell phone now has a dictation function, so I can dictate and save ideas and fragments even in the dark. When I'm back in the light, I take the recordings, listen to them and make poems out of them. If at some point an instrumental is sent to me, then I look at these poems and see if one fits the song, record it and wait for the reactions of the producer and the other band members. I leave the interpretations of the individual songs and texts to the recipient.

M.I. -  Once more, “Brachialromantik” (brachial romanticism) is here and you’re the founder of this genre. How would you describe it and what does it mean?

Oh. I talked about it briefly earlier. But good: our first album was actually also called "Brachialromantik" and was supposed to transport the aforementioned mixture of hard and soft. We just kept that for the next 13 albums. Suddenly we are the inventors of a new genre. We're almost a little proud of that.

M.I. -  During these pandemic times, working and recording albums isn’t easy. Was it difficult for you, due to the restrictions? What challenges did you have to face, regarding all the process? From the writing of the songs to the final results of the record?

No. That was nothing special. Since we all live in different cities, we basically only see each other at the concerts. Rehearsals are actually much too expensive when you consider how many kilometers you drive before a note is even played. That's why everyone now has their own studio, in which they can record small things and their own instruments. It's always enough for demo versions. When the preproduction is finished, we all meet at the producer and talk about it briefly. Then the time begins in which every musician is given a few days to record his parts together with the producer and thus contribute to the album. The only new thing was the mask requirement, the tests and the vaccination.

M.I. -  “Ehrenwort” shows even more your hallmarks: emotional, charming songs that are driven by the human condition. What were they and how did you develop them in a way, that you could capture their essence?

I can't say that at all. I just don't know. The lyrics are in my head, flowing through my hand onto the paper and that's it. Then there is room again for a new text in my head.

M.I. -  We can see that every song has its own personality. In a vocal perspective, how was it prepared? It looks like every track has a soul.

Oh well. I get “pregnant” for a while with every text, so to speak. The seeds for a text are planted in me through moments in everyday life that can hurt or stir, but also awaken happiness or have something calming.
This seed ripens in me. Words grow out of it, they become groups of words. At some point, the poem or fragment is finished, and it is born. Sometimes directly on the paper, sometimes on the smartphone via voice message.

M.I. -  Sophisticated guitars, hard drums, crazy bass, beautiful melodies and romantic violin, cello lines are what make this album so sophisticated. We can see it in the videos. How did you create the music? What ideas did you have for them?

Well... It starts with one of us having an idea. That can be a guitar riff, but also a cello line, sometimes even just a hook in the vocals, on which everything is then built. Sometimes when everything is ready, we send the song to the producer and he then says: "No, we don't do it like that!". He chops up the song, puts it back together again and the hit is done. Jokes aside ... We are already fiddling around before the song even goes to the producer. Of course, a good mix is ​​also decisive.

M.I. -  You are unstoppable! Your discography includes eleven studio albums, two live albums, two live DVDs, three singles and a number of mix CDs! Which one of them was the easiest and the funniest to make? Tell us something about them.

The most exciting thing was certainly the production of the album "Ins Licht". Since it was the first studio album in which I was allowed to work on as the singer of "Letzte Instanz “, I was accordingly very focused and worked with a real producer for the first time in my life. Now... With the production of the ninth studio album, everything is a bit more routine and leaves room for other concentrations. In reminiscence, the production of "Heilig" was almost funny. At the time of the recordings, the "Eyjafjallajökull" volcano in Iceland had erupted and paralyzed river traffic. At the time, I was living in Istanbul and wanted to fly to Münster on March 22nd, 2010, but there was no flight. Instead, I was driven to the southern German border in an old Turkish bus within 64 hours, where we were then stopped and checked by the police. It turned out that three out of four brakes no longer worked, the brake line itself was only hanging by a thread... At the time I didn't want to think about the fact that I had crossed the Balkans and the Alps with the vehicle. Of course, we had to get off immediately and I was allowed to continue to Münster with Deutsche Bahn. I got there four days late and only had two days to sing the full album.

M.I. -  Due to having a cello and a violin, that can create an unique sound, and being part of bands of the Neue Deutsche Härte, sometimes abbreviated as NDH, you are commonly compared to bands, such as Subway to Sally and Tanzwut. How do you feel about that? What bands do you know of that genre?

If you've been on the stage for over 25 years, you meet a lot of fellow artists. With most of them, we stayed together over the years. Others have left, bands have disbanded, new ones have been added. Life is coming and going. With "Frau Schmitt" from "Subway to Sally", I now have a solo project ("Holly Loose und das Kabinett des Glücks" - check it out on Spotify. That's the saddest German-language song material you've ever heard. Maybe a bit comparable with your fado).

M.I. -  Next year, bands will be back to touring. How will you prepare that comeback and will you only tour in Germany? If you could tour abroad, which countries would you like to visit?

A tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland in spring 2022 and a tour through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine in autumn 2022 are currently planned. We shall see if they take place. I would like to play in Portugal, Mexico and Argentina.

M.I. -  Thanks once again for this interview and for answering these questions. Any final words for Metal Imperium Webzine and the Portuguese fans?

Thanks for the interview. I wish you three things... the most importante in life: health, peace and love! All the best.

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Questions by Raquel Miranda