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Interview with Lacrimas Profundere

Lacrimas Profundere, lauched “How To Shroud Yourself With Night” – an excelent Gothic Metal album - on the 26th August, via Steamhammer/SPV. Oliver Nikolas Schmid, guitarist and lyricist of the band, talked with Metal Imperium, about the album and its process. 
How the creative process started, how he discovered Julian’s voice, the tour with Mono Inc., his favorite Gothic bands and more.

M.I. -  Greetings, Oliver. Thanks for your kindness in answering some questions concerning this amazing record! How are you, firstly?

Thanks so much for having us!

M.I. -  First things first, your album came out on the 26th August, through Steamhammer/SPV. Fresh, gothic and passionate! You’ve named it “How To Shroud Yourself With Night”. It’s the continuation of the 2019’s album “Bleeding The Stars”. Was it difficult to write the the part two of the sequel, without sounding the same? How challenged were you?

When I begin writing songs, it kind of opens the gates of hell to my inner self – it’s always a hard process to write songs for me, because if a melody is good, but does not break my heart into pieces, I will not use it. It needs to touch me so deep, to pull me down on my knees, to land on the album and this is always a hard process for my inner self. This time the pressure came on top and hindered me. It really robbed me of some sleep. Finally, we were back on track and there it was, the daily question: is today the day to write something special? However, you can't force it and you end up in perfectionism and overthinking things. Every artist has to fight this battle. As one becomes more successful, success becomes a predator. I almost got eaten by it. In a way, every album decides on the continued existence of a band. Can we tie in with the last sales figures? Does the label extend the contract? Do we get good concert offers? All these questions are circling in the mind of every artist out there and I think people are not really aware that with every record that is not heard, bought or streamed, a band dies. I remembered how I started this band out of the love for UK doomers Paradise Lost. I thought back to the time when I first discovered them and thought about the days we toured together and met at festivals. So, the first riffs of „Wall Of Gloom“ were written. This track is something like an hommage to the band and our beginnings and then one becomes the other.

M.I. -  “How To Shroud Yourself With Night” has more emotion and we can hear it. Christopher also did a good job. What inspired your creativity? Something in your daily affairs? Could you share with us, please?

It’s always started with guitars. I have a big family and a very modest home. So, I had to clear my recording room for child no. 3, and the only place for me to rest, was in the bathroom, in front of the tub. So, I locked myself in there and crouched in front of the toilet, with my iPad and guitar. I hope this information will not be my downfall in your review (laughs)! Some months after, I started the writing process. I already had a lot of song ideas ready that would have been a safe bet and I wouldn't have risked scaring away even one buyer. But I didn't want an album that wouldn't surprise anyone, that wouldn't completely live up to expectations and wouldn't bother anyone. My idea of the record, was the exact opposite, it should surprise, it should disturb, it should thrill. Because it's fucking art and art is brave! That was the path.

M.I. -  The themes of each song are related: the desire to be invisible to the world and not to deal with it and the outsider world. Why this theme? Why does it fascinate you? Is the surrounding mystical environment that intrigues you?

First of all, there was the title. When Christopher came up with it, I was just blown away. Getting shrouded by night, is a very dark idea and it also went very well with my song demos, which for the most part were very doomy. When darkness surrounds you for a long time, it becomes kind of a trait of you, it is no longer the unknown but part of who you are. When one sees the night as beauty, fear also vanishes. The actual theme of the album, is the desire to simply disappear, to be invisible and not have to deal with yourself and the outside world anymore. It’s about shadows, about darkness and mystical objects which combine the unique power of nothingness.

M.I. -  Very melancholic into the dark night. How did you write the music? Some songs have their own soul, like Frankenstein, but in a positive way. “A Cloak Woven of Stars has an awesome melody, “A Lengthening Shadow” has variety, “The Curtain of White Silence” leads to a certain territory.

Thanks a lot for the description! I would say, we crossed the borders of genres this time. Is GothCore already born? If not, some tracks could be the blueprint. A storm of emotions, the door to another world. I remember reading comments on YouTube about the first singles like "I feel the song takes my hand and says: “it's alright, I'll guide you" or "This is life“ or „If something could reach the heart, it could only be that way“! The album is the proof that you can still come up with something new, surprising, and different. It is something very special, incomparable for us, that has been created here. It creates attention. It is a rollercoaster of feelings. It is building a bridge between Lacrimas and the future. We just let ourselves drift and I can proudly say that we didn't do things because they were easy - but because they were difficult. To sum it up: It’s like enjoying the rain. There are people that feel the rain and others only get wet. This record is for the feelers out there!

M.I. -  It’s the second album with Julian and it’s very, very wunderbar! The guy is a chameleon! He can sing everything. In what way did he help you this time on the record?

Absolutely yes! Julian is like an animal also on stage. He breathed new life into us. He's like „Spider Man“. Stop no, „Venom“ cause of his white lenses he is always wearing in the video clips, so that probably fits better (laughs)! He jumps over the barricades right into the audience, starts a mosh pit where he's in the middle of it and gets scratches and cuts, climbs the trusses and is just a wonderful singer and person. But it all started during the sessions for the „Bleeding The Stars“ album back in 2018. There, I heard what Julian could do with his voice. I was amazed, because he can simply sing anything. High, deep, harsh, guttural. This opportunity gave me the freedom to write it as it was in my head, without thinking about whether the singer can handle it or not. Now as the album is finished, it feels like we took three different genres and slammed them all together! When you follow a band for a long time, everything sounds familiar, and sometimes you focus more on similarities than the actual impact of a song. We followed the question: What do I want to leave behind if this should be our last album? „Unseen“ is one of the answers and probably the heaviest riff I‘ve ever done. Just 10 minutes ago, I rehearsed the song at home without an amp, only with acoustic guitar and this main riff is so fucking damn heavy, that it’s surely not something you’ll play at a campfire (laughs). This is the song I really can´t wait to throw into the ordians.

M.I. -  The gothic atmosphere is very present. Do you like that style of music? If so, what bands do you like?

Yeah, I would agree. But you know we‘re  talking about a period of 29 years now. You tour, you meet other bands, other people, other countries, you get older and all this influences you and your art. Started with The Cult and Sisters Of Mercy, on tour we met The 69 Eyes and I was the guy who was standing there and watched almost every show of them. This is an influence you‘ll be taking back home…

M.I. -  You have a busy schedule, since you will be touring with Mono Inc., a well-known band inside the gothic community in Germany, in festivals and you will be a headliner. Tell us more about the tour. 

The tour with Mono Inc. was very cool. These guys and their crew, were very friendly. We felt very welcome and we liked every single show we‘ve done together. Our headliner tour is just finished and we had such fun times, stressful times, lots of work, laughter, pleasant and unpleasant surprises, joy, sweat, friendship and all the wonderful chaos that comes with touring.

M.I. -  The band is almost 30 years old. How do you feel? Do you plan on celebrating it?

Yeah, we wanna release a 30-years-album or EP. Four songs are already done. Then do some festivals. We just let ourselves be surprised what the year will bring, like always. 

M.I. -  Thanks once again for your kindness! Do you wish to share any words with the Portuguese fans?

Thank you so much for the great questions. Thanks for listening, downloading and buying our new album. Portugal is in our top 20 of listeners regarding Spotify, so hopefully there is a chance to see us next year. Stay safe, hugs, Oliver Nikolas Schmid, Lacrimas Profundere.

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Interview by Raquel Miranda