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Interview with Ardours

With two albums and an EP launched, Ardours is a band that you need to get to know better. Their members are known faces from the metal world, with Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania) unique voice and Kris Laurent amazing music skills, together they form a band with a style and sound that will make you always wanting for more.

M.I. -  You have recently launched a new album, how would you describe it? Where did the inspiration come from?

Our new album is definitely the proof that we have found our sound and that our 80’s influences are evident, in fact if we would describe it in words would be alternative rock new wave with an 80s twist.

M.I. -  What is the meaning of the title?

It is simply the title of one of our songs and we thought it would fit a lot as a title. It revolves around the importance of attention to decisive details making up the crucial moments of your life. We need to stay present mentally and cherish the moments of our daily life. We cannot fear the criticism of others and waste time on thinking about things that hold us back.

M.I. - What are the differences between the new “Anatomy For A Moment” and the previous “Last Place On Earth”?

The difference is that the new album has more synths and sounds definitely more 80s, and is definitely more rock than metal.

M.I. -  What is your favorite song from this new album and why?

I think we love all of them equally, because we know how much work and passion we put on each song, we really try to bring them all to shine.

M.I. - Did you face any challenges working on any of the songs?

Yes, the pandemic time was very heavy and we felt it during the songwriting, also happened some very bad stuff in the family of one of us and it of course added  some stressful moments.

M.I. -  Who were your main inspirations for this album?

We would say life and all the difficult moments in it.

M.I. - Did you work with other musicians to make this album happen? Who?

We had Hugo Ribeiro on drums this time.

M.I. - Your music videos also have a different vibe. How did you come up with the style?

Pure imagination, we did not want to follow any protocol, just be by our minds and out ideas.

M.I. - Besides Ardours, you also have other projects. Would you tell us a little more about them?

We both have a solo project and Kris also works with Cadaveria, an italian band.

M.I. - Mariangela, last year you launched an EP with four songs and have 3 music videos for them. What made you decide to do a solo album? How has the feedback been? Can you describe this work a little better for us?

My EP Dark Ability is not the first solo album I wrote but the first to be released. I am very happy with the results and the amazing feedback I got. I had to write it and recorded it because I think it was the dream of my life.

M.I. -  Also another question for you, Mariangela. Recently Tristania announced their end, what are your best memories from the band? Which song did you like to perform live the most?

My best memories are definitely from the tours. I think Year of the Rat live has always been lot of fun.

M.I. - Kris is now also living in Portugal, so can we expect more albums soon?

Yes, very soon!

M.I. - What are your plans for the band?

Writing a new album and play live!

M.I. - Do you have any shows booked yet?

We are currently working on it.

M.I. -  For those who still don’t know you, how would you describe your sound and why do they need to hear it?

1Alternative new-wave rock with an 80’s twist.

M.I. -  Would you like to leave a message to your fans?

Yes, we can’t really wait to play live for you and get together! Thank you!

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Questions by Tatiana Andersen