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Interview with Silent Skies

This album goes deep into our souls and hearts, from the first to the last track. Tom Englund and Vikram Shankar talked about their newest album: “Dormant”, that was released on the 1st of September, through Napalm Records. A true masterpiece, that will make you want to explore new places and soundscapes. 
Tom and Vikram explained to Metal Imperium how they wrote the lyrics, music, cover and much more. Read about this and much more!!!

M.I. - Thanks for the interview, Tom and Vikram. Hope you are all good.

Tom: Thank thanks for having us. Hope you are good too.
Vikram: Thank you having us and it’s a true pleasure!

M.I. - You welcomed us with your third album “Dormant”, that was released on the 1st of September, via Napalm Records. How was for you exploring new soundscapes, shades and movements?

Tom: It was quite a challenge and a new path, that we faced, but we are truly happy with the result and how it ended. When I write a new song, I tend to write a new idea, a sound and a vision on the notebook I carry with me all the time. That’s how I did this time for this record!

M.I. - This album is the most elegant we’ve heard this year and one of the songs is “Churches”. For the new listeners, it’s a great tune to introduce the project. It has a mix of keyboards, synthesizer and piano. It even has a deep meaning. How personal is it for you this track and its message? 

Vikram: For this album, I used new keyboards that I didn’t use in the previous albums. I wanted to give it a new surroundings, melodies and moods. I try to give the fans all the best of me and they can hear it, especially from my heart.

M.I. - “The Real Me” has an 80’s vibe. What are your favourite bands from that decade?

Tom: I’m a huge 80’s fan: Depeche Mode, Van Halen, Scorpions, etc. The list goes on!
Vikram: For this album, my biggest influence was Genesis and Phil Collins. They had all the things I was searching for, and I found that!

M.I. - Mattias Norén made your album cover and the singles. They seem like paintings and very beautiful. What ideas did you give them for it?

Tom: Mattias is a friend of ours and all we had to do was give in the ideas and explain what we wanted. He really captured what we wanted with no problems.

M.I. - “The Trooper” is a cover made from the original from Iron Maiden. You already made another one: “Numb”, from Linkin Park and Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”. Is it challenging for you doing covers or does it come naturally? How do you choose them?

Tom: It comes naturally within us. We choose the covers that capture the essence of the records.
Vikram: All the covers are important for us and capture the meaning of it.

M.I. - “The Last on Earth” is very personal in terms of resilience and growth. Do you think that in the last year we all achieved those levels? In what way?  

Tom: I think that we achieve a new level every year and this track captures it.
Vikram: In this song, it’s important that we achieve what is important to ourselves and still fight to capture the next goal.

M.I. - Thanks again for the interview and any final words for the new fans, gentlemen?

Vikram: Thank you for the interview and staying with us!
Tom: Thank you for everything and hope you like the album!

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Questions by Raquel Miranda