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German No bullshit rock n’roll band Nitrogods are about to unleash their 3rd album “Roadkill BBQ” through Steamhammer / SPV GmbH and Metal Imperium had a conversation with Henny to find out more details.

M.I. - Tell us a bit more about Nitrogods and the reason of its formation, considering that you’ve always been involved with bands… what was the turning point in which you decided you wanted to have your own band?

We started Nitrogods because we were all tired of the way our former bands were run. We wanted to get away from working like a business company. It was a question of idealistic values. When I started out playing guitar at the age of 13 I wanted a band of friends who would write songs together at rehearsal and hang out together. It was also an opposition to “modern” ways of sell out in the rock/metal industry. No playback shows and assembly line productions.

M.I. - The band has already released two albums “Nitrogods” and “Rats and Rumours”… your new album “Roadkill BBQ” will be released in a few days. What can fans expect of it?

It is an old school Rock´n Roll album in the vein of bands like Motörhead, Status Quo, Rose Tattoo. Nothing fancy and no bullshit.

M.I. - All your album covers feature a skull. What’s its meaning?

It´s our logo. The biker´s skull with the crossed pistons.

M.I. - Taking the title in consideration can one assume that you think this is the perfect soundtrack for a barbecue party?

I strongly recommend it. At least for a biker BBQ. 

M.I. - “Roadkill BBQ” includes 12 tracks, 2 bonustracks. What’s your favourite track? Why?

That´s kind of hard to say for me. I like them all more or less, because we decide by voting in the band which songs go on the album. I like the blues  a lot. Maybe “The price of liberty” might be one of my favoured songs.

M.I. - What do your lyrics deal with? Who writes them?

We all write. Our lyrics are about anything we experienced or that we believe is worth mentioning. That would mainly be stuff that happens to us on the road or actual real developments in the world.

M.I. - The boxset version includes a “Tribute to Lemmy” with the tracks “Overkill”, “Bomber”, Ace of Spades” and “Iron Fist”… why have you opted for these tracks in particular? 

Being fans of Motörhead is one thing that unites us. We particularly appreciate the Fast Eddie, Filthy Taylor Era. And that´s why we chose the songs above.

M.I. - Do you pay attention to what the media says/writes about Nitrogods?

Yes. And it´s not always nice. Especially here in Germany.

M.I. - What’s Nitrogods life motto?

We don´t really have a motto in life. But we appreciate loyalty and people that stand for what they say.

M.I. - Your call yourselves a “No bullshit rock n’roll band”. Do you think there are many musicians around pretending to be someone they are not?

Yes. It´s gotten worse and worse in the past decades. I believe people that keep it real are a minority in the business.

M.I. - On the band’s official page in “What you should know about Nitrogods” says “Attitude was one reason for the birth of this band. Another is pure lust in playing our music and pride for keeping things real.” Why attitude, pure lust and pride?

Because it takes attitude to stand against the ways of music industry. I could have chosen the easy way and went with the flow if it was only about making money. But that´s not our main motivation. We are a bunch of idealists and we are proud to have got here on our own.

M.I. - You enjoy recording in an old-fashioned way. Did you do the same with the third album “Roadkill BBQ”? 

Yes. We recorded on an analog desk and with a set of vintage microphones and equipment again. We like the sound very much. Only difference to the last album it wasn´t recorded and mastered on tape this time. 

M.I. - The band members have played alongside huge acts and musicians. What did you learn from them?

That we didn´t want to be part of this anymore.

M.I. - Motorhead are definitely your idols... how old were you when you came across their music? 

We all grew up with Motörhead from the first album in 1977 til the very end. I played supported them with my first band Thunderhead on a british tour in 1989. Oimel and Klaus played with Fats Eddie in a band called Bastards.

M.I. - What impact did Lemmy’s life and death have in you as a person and as a musician?

It was one of the main influences on my life. Didn´t get me to play guitar, but I think he was one of the coolest and nicest persons in the business. And I believe he was some kind of role model for many. Including myself.

M.I. - What are the future plans for Nitrogods?

We hope the new album does well. If I had a wish I would like to play more shows in the european countries.

M.I. - You seem to be very big, especially in Germany and most of your shows are also in that country. Is it because German are the best fans or does it have anything to do with the fact that you’re also German?

I don´t know. I would love to play more shows in Europe. Maybe it just takes some more time to get noticed outside Germany.

M.I. - What are for you the best things in life?

Family and friends. After that it´s playing music.

M.I. - When will Nitrogods come down to Portugal to play some old school hard rock?

I hope soon. We are ready.

M.I. - Please leave a message to the readers of Metal Imperium… thanks for your time and keep on rocking!

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca