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Interview with SepticFlesh

“Codex Omega” is the most recent masterpiece by the Greek gods, SepticFlesh. Every release grants them the best reviews and this one is no exception. Recently released on September 1st, “Codex Omega” is intense and inspiring and Sotiris V. told us all about it. 

M.I. - The band’s latest album “Codex Omega” is closer to seeing the light of the day and you don’t seem to disappoint fans at all... how do you feel when a new release is coming closer? What can be expected of “Codex Omega”? Do you still get nervous, as you probably did when the band first started off?

Yes, this is something that never changes. We gradually set the bar higher and there are a lot of expectations to be met when we release a new album. But as you know we take our time before deciding to make a new release and that means that first we have to be 100% satisfied with the compositions and then we enter studio for the final recordings. We have put a lot of hard work and strong emotions to create “Codex Omega”. I think that our fans will be happy with it. Surely we are.

M.I. - 3rd Testament was one of the top tracks in Spotify’s ‘New Metal Tracks’ playlist on the week it was released and it is completely addictive as most of the tracks you release. What’s the secret formula behind such powerful creations?

Our secret is teamwork. There is a great chemistry between the members of Septicflesh and each one contributes something characteristic to our sound. And we push each other to our limits in order to break our boundaries. We are very tough judges. Also we work relentlessly to find the best options that will make our songs pass the test of time.

M.I. - A band like SepticFlesh always think thoroughly about all aspects of an album, nothing is put there for no reason at all… please care to elaborate on the meaning of the cover once again beautifully designed by the mighty Seth Siro.

The main figure, let’s call her the faceless queen, looks evil and her head is like an open womb. In the place of the brain there is an innocent looking baby. But things can be deceiving. A hint is given on the prologue of the song “The Gospels of Fear”.

M.I. - The track Dante’s Inferno was inspired on the poem by Dante Alighieri? Where do you inspire yourself to writing such elaborate and meaningful lyrics?

In general, as a lyricist I don’t want to limit myself to one or two subjects and so there is a wide variety of subjects discussed to our albums. I always write about things that make a big impression on me, positive or negative, but always powerful. Classic literature and literature in general, is a big source of inspiration. In our new album i had the chance to pay a tribute to the famous poet Dante.

M.I. - Fotis Benardo is no longer responsible for the drum kit duties in this album. Now KRIMH is replacing him. Was it difficult finding the right drummer for the band?

Fortunately we found quite fast the proper guy for the job. It was a matter of luck and good timing. Krimh is a fantastic drummer and we were fast enough to snatch him before somebody else did. And he put a lot of work for the creation of “Codex Omega”. He even contributed some guitar riffs.

M.I. - “Codex Omega” includes 2 discs. Why? Disc 2 only contains 3 tracks (an orchestral version of a track featured in disc 1)... is it more oriented towards the die-hard fans?

The 3 tracks you mention are 25 minutes long. Also they have a different mixing and overall logic from the main body of the album, forming some kind of a soundtrack as they are based solely on orchestra parts. They are there for everybody to listen. And the listener will find a myriad of little extra details, that make these versions really stand out.

M.I. - Season of Mist has been the band’s label for almost 10 years. How’s your relationship?

Great. Everything goes smoothly. It is a long a successful cooperation.

M.I. - You have broken Season of Mist’s record with the highest pre sales ever with your new forthcoming album " Codex Omega ". What was your first reaction when you found out about this?

Well as you can guess we were thrilled from this achievement. This great start was a sign that our fan base keeps growing and that a lot of people were “hungry” for the new release.

M.I. - The promotional photos were taken by a Greek photographer and the costumes were done by a Greek Special effects make up artist... is it important for you to “help” Greek artists?

Yes. There are great new artists here that have a lot of talent and it is good to support them. From the era of “Titan” we started a collaboration with Prokopis Vlaseros for the creation of our costumes, under the supervision of Seth that is responsible for the visual aspect o the band. He specialises in special effects and has literally a workshop of horror in Athens.  Also now with “Codex Omega” we collaborated with Stella Mourouzi, for the band photography.

M.I. - There are a lot of shows lined up already and it seems Autumn will be quite busy… can we expect to see you playing live in Portugal?

There is nothing confirmed right now, but definitely we want to come to Portugal so i am sure something will be arranged at some point for the “Codex Omega” tour.

M.I. - The band played a Russian tour this year and is about to embark on a new one in October… how did you find the time to record and mix “Codex Omega”?

Actually on October we will embark on a wide Latin American tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse. Anyway, during the time that we composed and recorded “Codex Omega”, the live shows were in purpose very few, as we wanted to have our full attention focused on the creation of the new album. The main recordings and the mixing process happened from December 2016 to January 2017.

M.I. - I know playing in Greece must be special for being your homeland but what’s the best place you’ve ever played? Why was it the best? And the worst?

Well i remember a lot of great shows in Greece. Probably for sentimental reasons as we played together with favourite band Dead Can Dance and we have the chance to meet them, i peek as one of the best the Rockwave festival in Athens in 2013. The worst was Metal Healing festival 2007 in Drama that was one of the most disorganised events that i can remember.

M.I. - What’s the worst thing about today’s music industry?

The music industry has adopted today’s methods of brainwashing and use them to a great extend.

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca