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A Metal Imperium encontra-se a recrutar colaboradores para redação de notícias, reviews de álbuns ou entrevistas a bandas.

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It seems that 2018 will be a great year for Greek bands... Varathron are no exception. The band is about to launch a new masterpiece "Patriarchs of Evil" which confirms the quality of these Hellenics. Vocalist Stefan Necroabyssious had a conversation with Metal Imperium.

M.I. - How does it feel having a 30 year-old “son” named Varathron? Did you expect the band to last this long?

Hail my friend Sonia! Varathron born in 1988 and now is 30 years old, as you say! I think the reason of our existence is the passion and the eternal lust for that music. I sacrificed so many personal things and part of my life for my band. If you look at the history of the band, you can notice some chronicle points in which the band was “frozen” without members and label. You can see some problems, troubles on the band but I survived, I stayed immortal and I continue spreading the apocryphal knowledge. I believed in my power and I do my best for my band to be active! Of course, one of the basic reasons on the last years of our history is the strong line-up which gives the perfect results of today! 

M.I. - Even though the band’s been around for 30 years, you only have 6 full-lengths. What inspires you? 

As I told you, we don’t have many releases because in our history you can find some line-up and record label changes. In these past years we have released many things - more than in our previous years - because we have a basic-strong line-up and that is an important thing for a band to survive. Now the band plays so many live-shows around the world and that is awesome and it gives me “fresh blood” to remain alive.

M.I. - “Patriarchs of Evil” is the new album to be released on April 27th via Agonia Records. Are you the patriarchs of evil? 

Yes, we’re the pioneers of Greek black metal scene and style from our first steps until now! So, we’re the Patriarchs and we want to transit the unholy communion for the chosen. It’s a dark testament that we must obey!

M.I. - Fans are super excited about the new album… what is the secret formula you use in order to keep your fans extremely motivated and eager to listen to your material? What can fans expect of this release?

We don’t have any secrets, we’re fans of Black metal music from the beginning, and we’re servants of our Dark Lord. The dark feelings, the beliefs and our thoughts make the result. When we create an album, we listen to it first like fans. So, we make any necessary “changes” and then we give it to the label. The new album has so many elements from the previous history of the band, it is an amazing journey from the past and that is the reason why the fans-friends of the band are so excited! On that new release you can hear the true Hellenic black metal sound. 

M.I. - Necroabyssious said that a “sinful sip of this unholy communion will lure you into an astral journey of absurd dimensions - with an awakening smell of the old era. This album is one of the finest pieces Varathron has ever unleashed”. Why do you think it is one of the finest pieces of the band? How do you manage to keep on creating masterpieces after so many years?

Yes, I said that because the riffs, the songs of the new album are so “closed” to our first steps, to our first ideas and thoughts and that is amazing. Yes, after so many years (beyond any kind of evolution of the band), we have the courage, we have the passion, we have the ideas to create a truly “old school” album and really I feel so great. Manage? No, I think it is the desire for dark creation and nothing else. I started listening to heavy metal music in 1978 and I still feel so mad and crazy like in the old glorious days. I think it is a perfect “virus” in my blood, in my soul, in my mind and I never want to “kill it”!

M.I. - What sets “Patriarchs of Evil” apart from your previous material? 

It is not different material, everything has a great connection because all our releases have a basic message, the prevalence of Darkness.

M.I. - The track “Tenebrous” is a reference to “His Majesty at the Swamp” and the establishment of the true forefathers of Greek Black Metal. How important is it to make a song out of this?

Well, “Tenebrous” is a song which has lyrically abysmal atmospheric elements from the classic heavy metal scene. I think the uniqueness of the Greek black metal scene is based in our ancient Greek culture and classic heavy metal sound. That mix remains immortal and gives those awesome results. Our new album is a classical Hellenic black metal album. So, that song reminds you the old days and that is very pleasing.  

M.I. - Supposedly “Remnants of the Dark Testament” has a breathtaking performance from Necroabyssious and the lyrics will haunt you forever. Why?

That song is the last song for which I wrote the lyrics. It was a night without sleep and I started writing those lyrics like a “cataract” of ideas. Also that song is the first official video clip of Varathron that will come out in the upcoming months! 

M.I. - What are you planning in order to celebrate the 30 years of the band, apart from the new album? A tour? A special concert with special guests?

First, we plan some celebrating releases for the 30 years anniversary. About the shows, yes, we will make some special concerts around the world, we‘ll play “His Majesty at the Swamp” as we promised to our fans. We have some more ideas about guests, about special acts on stage and we hope to make them a reality. 

M.I. - Even though the band’s been around for 30 years, Varathron never played in many European countries such as Italy, Netherlands, Benelux, Portugal. How can some countries be so close but yet so far?

We want to play in these countries but we don’t have any proposals from any organizers. Now we have a tour-manager for Europe and I hope to make more shows in these lands. Besides we start off with two shows in Italy in the middle of July! We’ll play in Milan and Napoli. Great!

M.I. - Yet you’ve toured Latin America and America and you seem to have a very solid fan base over there. Why do they like Varathron so much?

Well, in America and especially in Latin America we have so many faithful fans. I think those crazy metalheads are so deeply faithful to the Greek black metal scene and they told me that in my last show there. I saw people who cried for us, who screamed for us and the attention we received was so fantastic, more than you can imagine. It’s a metal promised land there!!!!!

M.I. - The band has some special merchandise to celebrate the 30 years of existence. How are fans reacting to all the items available? What’s the best seller?

Basically, you can find any item on our web-store. In other cases, you can buy some items at our shows. Well, the best seller stuff is always the old stuff. So, we will print more new stuff in the upcoming months because some stuff is sold-out.

M.I. - In these 30 years of existence, what’s the best memory you have? Any regrets? Is there anything you would change in the band’s career if it was possible? 

Of all these years I have so many good moments but some bad, too. I think it is “normal” for a band because we have different personalities and ideas and sometimes “troubles” is a part of it. The past is something that ‘builds” the present and the future of a band so, I don’t want to change something so serious. Maybe a better label, maybe a better sound, maybe a better cover in an album but, seriously, I love all the moments because these “fill” my passion and desire to continue and remain alive all these years. Of course, the best memories come from the first days of our creation and these still remain unaltered in my mind!

M.I. - If you had to choose a song that sums up Varathron in these 3 decades, what song would it be and why?

I really think all the songs are very strong and stand the test of time. The song “Unholy Funeral” with which we open our shows and “Tressrising of Nyarlathotep” are the songs that everyone wants to heard at our shows. For our fans, maybe this is the “banner” of Varathron.

M.I. - Varathron stated that “2018 belongs to the Hellenic demons!” What do you mean? The Greek bands are in full force?

The last years a lot of bands reincarnated around the world and they released great stuff. In the Greek metal scene there are a lot of bands that are reborn again and with full force release great stuff. Yes, after some “frozen” years, the scene is back, stronger than ever to conquer the world! 

M.I. - Your friends Rotting Christ also celebrate 30 years and Necroabyssious features in the live track "The Sign of Evil Existence"… How’s your relationship with the other Greek bands? How would you describe Greece’s underground scene? How does it feel to collaborate with fellow musicians?

We were on a mini-tour in Poland with my brothers from the past. So, Sakis talked to Nergal, a great friend of mine too, and we celebrated on stage, total killer!!!! First was the unholy trinity, Varathron, Necromantia and Rotting Christ. Our relationship is awesome like in the old days. The years are gone and we still have a good relationship with these bands and more new bands, too. Besides, our Greek metal scene is huge and greater than ever. We have so many great bands in our land and we have a good relationship with them. It’s great!

M.I. - With all these collaborations and all, how long is your day? Do you dedicate yourself solely to music? Have you sacrificed a lot in your life for music?

My day is full, so compressed and sometimes I wonder if the day had more than 24 hours would it still be enough? The answer is no, I need more and more hours every day because I have to do so many things in my life. I have music, my martial arts training, my personal job and my other activities. I sacrificed a lot in my life for my band and I’m still doing that!

M.I. - How does it feel knowing you are a kind of role model for some fans? Do you feel the pressure to always do your best?

I feel respect for our fans and I’m proud when I hear something like that. I’m a faithful warrior against the fake religions and normality of society. I try to make the best for my band and my beloved black metal music.

M.I. - What’s your opinion about the current Black Metal scene? Has it evolved for better or for worse?

As I said a lot of times, I’m a true nostalgic of old glorious days in the Black metal scene. The great metal spirit, the beliefs, the values, the brotherhood between the bands, the help to each other, the amazing support of the zines, the tape trading… these entire situations were awesome. Today’s situation is different. The basic characters of the scene; the great marketing from the labels, the “pseudo-image” from most bands, the “clones” who come up more and more, the “boring” releases, everything sacrificed on the altar of god-money. The only hope some bands still obey the Dark Testament, and hope they continue the pure creation and keep the black flame alive. 

M.I. - What bands are you currently listening to? Do you stick to Black Metal or do you listen to other genres as well?

First of I’m a big fan of metal music and I’ve been a musical radio producer from 1996 and I had the first radio-show “Twilight Zone” at 98.7 FM. So, I watched most metal releases every month and I played them on my radio-show. Secondly, I’m a pure vinyl collector from 1978, when I started listening to metal music. I started with classical bands BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PREIST, MOTORHEAD and AC/DC. In 1981, I heard the amazing masterpiece of VENOM, “Welcome to Hell” and later the bands SLAYER, EXODUS, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST and more. When I came to Athens to study, I “discovered” the underground metal scene, in 1986, and I worshipped the death metal scene with MORBID ANGEL, MASSACRE, SCIZO, SARCOFAGO, SEPULTURA and more. In these years I created my first band “Sickness Mind”, a thrash/death/gore band. Later the band split-up and Varathron rose! I still listen to classic heavy metal, thrash, death and black metal bands from any place of this planet. Also, I listen to some old bands from the 60’s with a bizarre psychedelic sound and the atmosphere that they create is very good. 

M.I. - In my opinion, the Greek scene is one of the best! How important is it being part of something so big that will withstand the test of time? Knowing your name will forever be marked in the history of metal?

Our Greek metal scene is one of the best ever and I feel so proud that Varathron is not only a part of that but one of the basic pioneers-leaders of this scene. I’m agreeing with you and sometimes this “sounds” so huge, so big out of my mind. I think that putting our name in the history of the international black metal scene is something so awesome and I must feel respect and be honored for it! Eternal respect to our fans-friends around the world because they have supported the band all of these years! It’s the abyssic black cult!!!!

M.I. - What advice would you give to the young musicians that are starting a band now?

The basic “recipe” for anyone who wants to create a metal band is: Belief, faith in the past, strength, passion and desire for undead creation. You must look inside and you make an oath for that… that is, if you want a band that will reign through the years, not something for the chicks. The feeling you want to “pass” to your friends is so important because that is the status that will make you immortal in the metal music history!

M.I. - Share a message with your Portuguese fans, friends and Metal Imperium’s readers.

Thank you so much for your support, Sonia. I salute all the metal maniacs there and I promise to meet them soon! Embrace our abysmal music and beware for our new blasphemic invasion, Patriarchs are coming to spread the words of our Dark Lord! Keep the black flame alive!

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca