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Interview with Ministry

Ministry is a band that does not need presentation! Al Jourgensen's band is still in great shape and the new album "AmeriKKKant" is proof of that. Cesar, one of the most recent members, had a chat with Metal Imperium about the new album and the experience of playing in one of the most original bands ever…

M.I. - You’ll play a second full U.S. tour this November / December with synthwave cessations Carpenter Brut, and maniac avantgarde industrial act Igorrr. What are your expectations?

I honestly don’t like to make any expectations, and that goes with anything in my life. I enjoy being surprised and keeping that excitement alive when the surprise hits you 1st hand. I honestly don’t know what to expect. That’s what’s exciting to me!!!!

M.I. - The announcement states “New songs! New guests! New chickens!”… what can fans expect of the upcoming shows?

I would say, expect the unexpected. You never know what’s next at a Ministry show. 

M.I. - How did the idea of having inflatable chickens onstage? Do the chickens represent the ideas the band cannot speak “freely”?

Al had the idea of having these Trump chickens on stage. The entire show is about freedom of speech and speaking out against the current problems that are affecting our daily lives!!!!! Al doesn’t hesitate to speak out against the things that bother him AT ALL!!!! He’s not a pussy and I very much respect him for never sugar coating shit!!!!!! 

M.I. - The band will kick off the European tour in a few days… what’s the main difference between the audiences in Europe and America?

Both audiences have a very different dynamic. Europe seems to be a little more in tune with a wider variety of genres and many more festivals than the States have. 

M.I. - Your summer tour in Europe will have Converge, Grave Pleasures and Chelsea Wolfe as special guests. Were they suggested or are they your personal choices?

We just finished the 1st U.S. leg with Chelsea Wolfe and I can’t tell you how much fun we had. I know that they were definitely a personal choice for Al. I believe he heard their music on a car commercial and dug it. 

M.I. - The band will be very busy touring until the end of the year… how do you keep sane while touring?

Honestly, I have the most fun when I’m touring. it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. The fact that our dynamic is so kick ass makes things easy. We all get along and have many laughs together. I personally pass the time in between being on stage by walking and sightseeing as much as I possibly can. 

M.I. - How are people reacting to “AmeriKKKant”? When comparing AmeriKKKant to the other albums of the band, in your opinion, what are the main differences?  

People are very much connecting with Amerikkkant!!! I believe that the main difference is that it’s come out at a proper time when our government is as upside down and against humanity as you could possibly get. It’s the voice needed to project current issues through music!!!!!! That’s what is important about Amerikkkant! 

M.I. - “AmeriKKKant” is filled with political messages… do you believe the American people are just numb and passively watching the fall of their country? 

This is the most pissed off I’ve ever seen people in my entire life!!!! Especially the American people of any Latino descent including MYSELF!!!!! People are finally taking action whether through music, speech or protest!!!! 

M.I. - This is no novelty to Ministry… the band has released an anti-Bush trilogy in the early 2000’s. How can politics still be an interesting topic to address in an album after so many years?

When Knuckle heads in office are passing laws and doing things to Fuck their own people and creating a great racial divide, you can guarantee that you’ll get an album out of it!!!!! 

M.I. - How much of an impact does the KKK have in the U.S. right now? 

I wouldn’t give those Fuck heads that much credit to tell you the truth. The only difference is that, more of them think it’s ok to come outta the closet right now because people are currently brainwashed into thinking that it’s ok to be an open racist!!!!! I encourage all those Fuck heads to take an ancestry DNA test and realize that not one single human being on this earth is as pure as they think they are!!!! 

M.I. - On the band’s shows, it’s used a sample of Trump saying “We will make America great again” and some animated and photoshopped images of Trump being beaten senseless… this time around it’s Trump but other American presidents have messed things up as well. What’s the thing he did that you hated the most? The world was gob-smacked when he was elected… how could the American people choose such an egocentric and insane person to lead their country?  

The one thing that has personally struck a nerve with me is that Trump has fucked with and continues to fuck with people of Latin descent!!!! I am an American of Mexican descent, 2nd generation in my family to be born and raised in a border town: El Paso, Texas!!!! My grandparents on both my mother and father’s sides immigrated from Mexico and became U.S. citizens. They worked hard to chase the American dream to give their children a better life, so when he shits on Mexicans, it’s a bit personal to me. 

M.I. - It had been a long time since Al had been in a studio with a band. How was the experience of being in the studio with him? Did you ever feel intimidated?

Of course, it was very exciting for me being my 1st time contributing to a Ministry Album, but never intimidating. Al has always been kind to me and has always made me feel welcome. 

M.I. - The state of the world is extremely complicated and humanity and their choices is to blame for it. Is it too late to change the direction of things now?

It’s never too late for change. People have to join forces and make the changes happen. Protest, write a song, whatever it is that you do to get your point across and make a change. 

M.I. - You joined the band in 2015. How did that happen?

I’ve known Sin since 2000. We toured together in 2 separate bands. When the time came to get Ministry back together, he messaged me and asked me if I was interested in auditioning and I said “Fuck Yes”. I rehearsed with the band and 2 weeks later I played my 1st show in Ministry in front of 50,000 people in Adelaide, Australia. 

M.I. - How complicated/easy is it working with Al Jourgensen?

It’s been killer working with Al. It’s never complicated. As long as you do your job, and know your parts, you’re good. He’s been nothing but amazing to me. 

M.I. - This is the first full-length in which you have been involved. How does the process of recording and writing happen in Ministry?

On Amerikkkant, Al gave us an idea of what direction he envisioned, and we all just put our ideas together. Al has a process of the way he does things, a formula that should never be changed in my opinion. He Frankenstein’s the ideas and creates what he feels represents Ministry!!! He’s a genius!!! 

M.I. - Which of the new songs is your favourite? Which ones do you prefer playing live?

I would have to say that my favorite song to play live off of the new album is “Twilight Zone”. 

M.I. - As a new member, do you have freedom to create and present your ideas? Did you do that?

I was very much able to do that on Amerikkkant. I honestly didn’t expect it and I’m honored to have contributed a few ideas on it. 

M.I. - Please share a message with the Portuguese fans of Ministry. Hope you come here and play! All the best!

Keep kicking Ass!!!

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca