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Interview with Superlynx

Superlynx are an unexpected Norwegian band that does not play Black metal… they fit better in the stoner doom genre… and have just released their second album "New Moon". This Dark Essence Records release is so good that the media went wild and Metal Imperium decided to interview the band members. Here's the conversation with Pia and Ole...

M.I. - First off, many thanks for your time and for the great music in “New Moon”. Secondly, which bands are responsible for your musical taste?

Hey! Thanks yourself – for getting in touch and for the kind words. 
That is a hard question, there are so many. From the bands I grew up with my parents listening to to everything I discovered and was introduced to as a teenager and new bands today. It is a constant flow. Everything we listen to and music we cherish are parts of us and a natural influence on the music we make. I have always been drawn to heavy slow and meditative music, but I listen to a lot of different music as well. If I have to name a few that has been extra important I have to mention Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Kyuss, Sonic Youth, Sleep and Om.

M.I. - A stoner/psychedelic doom metal hailing from Norway is not very usual… how is it being a stoner band in a country known for its Black metal history?

There are actually quite a bunch of bands who operate within the stoner/doom world, but yeah the scene is definitely smaller than Black metal both in numbers and attention. We really don´t think much about it. Nor do we see ourselves as a stoner band or set in a specific genre. We have several different influences, and don´t feel locked to any of them. But we have actually been quite welcomed by the Norwegian Black metal/metal scene.

M.I. - Why have you opted for Superlynx as name for the band? Is it Lynx as a wild cat or as a constellation?

We chose the name Superlynx because we wanted a link to nature in our band name. The lynx is big, wild and fierce but also very shy and rare, and it has its name from the latin word for light, “lvx” because of it´s super luminous eyes and excellent night vision. We felt this was a very suitable ref­erences to our music and lyrical themes. The fact that there also is a constellation of stars called Lynx just adds to this.

M.I. - How did the 3 members of the band get together? Ole Teigen is a veteran musician in the scene but Pia and Daniel are newcomers… 

We have all played music and been in bands most or our lives, but yeah, Ole has been in more well known bands in the metal scene than the rest of us. Me (Pia) and Ole started playing together around 2008 in a band called Loveplanet. We later started Superlynx after the old band was put on ice, as we wanted to keep playing together and felt inspired to start something new. We originally planned to stay a duo with only bass, vocals and drums, but when we met Daniel a little later and jammed with him we quickly became a trio.

M.I. - The band has been around since 2013 and your first full-length “LVX” was released in 2016 and the 2nd one was just released via Dark Essence Records. How did the deal with Dark Essence Records come up?

We wanted to consider options with a new label for this album, and contacted several labels we were interested in. We actually thought we might be a little too far out genre wise for Dark Essence, but a friend and booking agent suggested we should get in touch so we did. They lis­tened to our rough mixes, then Otto from the label came to one our shows, we emailed a bit and did a Skype meeting and the deal got signed. We are so happy to be working with them. They are super professional, hard working and such nice people.

M.I. - Of the ten tracks featured in “New Moon” which one do you prefer? Which one will capture the attention of the listeners? Why?

Hard question, we all have personal relations to all of the songs. But I think Hex and Indian Summer are most dear to me. It also seems the listeners are responding very well to these songs. Maybe because of the atmosphere in Hex and the slight oddness of Indian Summer?

M.I. - What lyrical themes are addressed? 

New Moon is mainly dealing with processing challenging times. We have all been through some dark times and have worked through them in different ways. But as much as the album is about darkness it is also about conquering the difficulties and coming to a new start. The title New Moon refers to this new beginning, and how the coming light feels even stronger after the darkest night. Nature and the connection to the universe is also an important factor in the lyrics and music. Holding on to a deep affiliation with nature and what is bigger than one self works as something meditative and empowering through the dark times.

M.I. - How does the writing process happen with Superlynx? Is it a cooperation between all members or is one of you more into writing?

Our songwriting is a combination of bringing songs, half songs or riffs that we compose on our own into the rehearsal space and composing togheter while jamming. We always try out a lot of different things and everything comes togheter in the rehearsal space. The songs have been through numerous stages and versions before ending up the way they did on the album. They have been tested live, and parts have been scrapped or regrinded to find the right way and the atmosphere we wish to convey. Pia and Ole usually write the lyrics by themselves, but on a few of the songs we have merged together separately written lyrics that just fit really well together.

M.I. - The album was released a few weeks ago… how are people reacting to it? 

We have gotten lots of really great feedback on the album, and lots of great reviews.
It seems that people appreciate that we have evolved and that the album sounds like we have grown as a band. We also get many positive comments about the sound.

M.I. - The media in general seem to be delighted with the album. How do you feel when you realize you have created music that people enjoy? Does it make you proud?

I really appreciate it. It is definitely rewarding after having put so much time and energy into it. I also feel a connection of positive vibes somehow. Even though it is impossible to know about the majority of the listeners there is a sense of an invisible bridge building. And I feel understood sort of. It may sound strange and maybe it is. But it is a bit magical. I dont´ know if pride is the biggest feeling I have about it, but yeah, we are proud of the album.

M.I. - Some critics think the album should be considered as a whole despite having awesome tracks that stand on their own merits… do you think the best way to appreciate and understand “New Moon” is by spinning it in its entirety non-stop?

Listening to the whole album does give a bigger picture of the music and overall themes. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting on a favourite track or two.

M.I. - Superlynx have a few gigs coming up… have you decided the setlist already? Is it a complicated decision?

We almost never use the same setlist for more than one gig. Of course, we play many of same songs, but we always make a dedicated set for each concert and try to build different dynamics and parts of the set. We think it is more exciting both for us and for the people who are coming back to our shows.

M.I. - Is there a tour planned in order to promote the album? What would be your dream bill to tour with and why?

We have a lot of single gigs so far, but we are also working on planning a tour. Our dream bills are different, but mine right now I think would have to be Om, Emma Ruth Rundle, Jex Thoth and Darkher. Great bands I would not get tired of hearing every night and they seem like bands with good and interesting people. But there are a lot of great bands out there that would be interesting to tour with. 

M.I. - Name one goal Superlynx would like to achieve in the near future.

We would love to play more outside of Norway, go on tour and play festivals like Roadburn, Desertfest etc. Sorry, that was three. We are quite eager.

M.I. - All the best for Superlynx. Hope “New Moon” will hit the charts everywhere. Please share a message with the readers of Metal Imperium.

Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!
Ole: Dont let the haters define reality, make the world that you want to live in. And give bees a chance!

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca