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Interview with Metal de Facto

Metal de Facto is a Finnish Heavy / Power Metal band formed in 2017 by Esa Orjatsalo (Bloody Hell, former Dreamtale) and Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum). Esa Orjatsalo, who played in the Finnish Power Metal band Dreamtale, composed songs with the idea of one day making an album with the theme - Roma. He met another Power Metal enthusiast, bassist Sami Hinkka, while he was a guitar technician for Sami's folk metal band Ensiferum. The project started after many hours on the road and a lot of talking. From the idea of making just one themed album... a new band was born! Their first album, "Imperium Romanum", will immerse you in ancient Rome and its many stories and legends!

M.I. - I would like to start with this sentence “ Make Power Metal Great Again” – How do you see  Power Metal today?

Power Metal has definitely come a long way since its origins. It's a very versatile style and bands continue to develop new flavours within it, expanding the style. This is not actually a bad thing, however in many instances of bands repeating the same tropes over and over again, the original power and danger in the genre has become a shadow of its former self. Our goal is to bring back the former glory of the genre!

 M.I. - How are your concert and tour experiences now compared to before?

We're going to find that out when we begin playing shows with the full band next year! Previously three of the band members toured Europe with Ensiferum on their acoustic tour to spread the word about the conception of Metal De Facto. However, it is now time to give everybody who has been waiting for the real deal!

M.I. - Is it important for the band to reinvent its style and image? Is it also part of the creative process?

That is important however we want to avoid this interfering with our original goal of delivering hard-hitting, honest power metal to our followers. It's going to be very interesting seeing what our second full-length album will bring when we begin putting it together!

M.I. - How has Metal De Facto managed to keep its name in a world which for many is an illusion?

Our name means 'metal in its essence', as we want to present the true spirit of metal in our sound.

M.I. - What was the biggest inspiration behind this whole writing process?

Realizing our musical goals and bringing them to life through the many tales of Ancient Rome was definitely very inspiring while putting the album together. As the musical and lyrical ideas came it was always interesting deciding which context they were going to fit into with the album.

M.I. - Tell me about the new album.

“Imperium Romanum” is a theme album based on various historical events which took place in Ancient Rome ranging from the tale of Romulus and Remus, the assassination of Julius Caesar, Roman Bacchanalia parties, the great fire of Rome and the almighty God Jupiter. The music features a variety of classic power metal staples brought back to life including soaring melodies, huge choruses, duelling guitar and keyboard solos and of course a power ballad.

M.I. - Which song would describe your best moment as a band?

That's a hard question but perhaps 'The Conqueror' is the anthem that sets up the whole album, unifies the band's message and includes something from all our musical prospects. 

M.I. – How will the tour “Imperium Romanum” be like?

We'll let you all know soon!

M.I. - Is there a place that you haven't been yet that you wish you would in the future?  

We'd love to go to wherever our fans want to see us!

M.I - Would you like to share a word with your fans?

Everyone… our humblest thanks! We extend our gratitude to you all who have supported us so much so far and held the Metal De Facto flag high. Let's Make Power Metal Great Again!

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Questions by Susana Galveia