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Interview with Rage

They’re one of the oldest bands in the Heavy Metal scene and have many more years to reach to new generations. They are known worldwide and their music is huge. Peavy Wagner is their spokesman for this interview. This brilliant German singer, bassist and founder so kindly answered our questions, about the band’s name, lineup change, the only concert they gave in our country and the new one, how much they love Portugal and, of course, the new album. Let’s welcome him.

M.I. - Hi and thanks for answering these questions. Could you say your name and what you do in the band?

I´m Peavy Wagner, founder, leader, composer, singer and bassist.

M.I. - Tell us about your story, please.

Rage has a 35-year international career, is touring worldwide and has released 25 studio Albums including our new one “Wings of Rage” coming out on the 10th of January 2020...

M.I. - You started in 1984, under the name “Avenger”. Why did you change it?

In 85, we signed to the Noise label, they demanded the name change, as there was a British band under the same name back then...

M.I. - There were several changes in the lineup, such as Manni Schmidt and Victor Smolski. Were there any resentments between the band members?

In 35 years, the band had 4 major lineup changes, due to personal issues, such as marriage and kids (became more important to Manni in 1994, than to keep playing with Rage) or business and musical issues (Victor). Nowadays, there’s no private resentments between me and any ex- members...

M.I. - On the 17th November 2003, you played in Paradise Garage, Lisbon, Portugal. What do remember from that concert?

I don´t remember too much from that show but I remember Lisbon very well. I was out in town the whole day and enjoyed that beautiful city!

M.I. - Could you explain the process of the lyrics and music, please?

Music wise, you hear the essence of Rage on this new album “Wings of Rage”. We combined all stylistic elements from the band’s history, in the new songs, in a very musical and homogenic way. The lyrics have a red line. Many songs tell about outsiders, people with no lobby, that fell out of society, dark minds, that have no voice to be heard...

M.I. - “Prayers of Steel” was the name of the debut album, launched in 1985. You have a total of 25 and EP’S, Live albums and compilation albums. Which ones do you think were more difficult or easier to make?

Naturally Live Albums are the easiest to make, you just need to mix the best versions you recorded. From the studio albums, the most difficult of those were the ones we recorded with classical musicians from our “Lingua Mortis Orchestra”, like XIII for example, (from 1998) ...

M.I. - On the 10th January 2020, you will launch your next album called “Wings of Rage”. Could you tell us how you came up with that name?

The title song was one of the first new ones we had. The song is about how to canalize aggression and Rage into positive energy and power.

M.I. - How did the process for it begin? Could you tell us the story behind it?

We started writing new ideas already before we started touring for “Seasons of the Black” in the end of 2017, all in all we re-worked nearly all the songs several times until we were happy with the results. We were very critical with every detail this time, so it took us a bit longer than usual.

M.I. - “Rage” is the debut single. Who came up with the idea for the video?

The title is “Let Them Rest in Peace”. This is an anti-war song, the idea for the video was developed between the band members and the editor of the video production, Jörg Tochtenhagen.

M.I. - How proud and excited are you with this album? Is it what you wanted, in terms of music and lyrics?

Yes, we are sure to have done the exact album we imagined before. Like I already explained, we took a lot of time and effort to make it.

M.I. - Who designed the cover for the album and idea for it?

The cover was made by Stan W. Decker, an artist from France, that Marcos has adored for a while. We were surprised that he also likes our band very much and so we were all very inspired. We gave him a rough idea and he developed the concept. It reflects very well the overall mood of the album.

M.I. - "Wings Of Rage 2020 Tour - Europe" will be the next tour and you will come to Portugal, specifically at “Milagre Metaleiro Open Air”, in Pindelo dos Milagres, Viseu (21st August 2020). Did you know that this place is called the “Village of Metal”?

No, I didn’t, but we are all excited about it. I hope we will all have a great time in Portugal!

M.I. - Once again, thank you so much and can you leave a message for our readers and your fans?

Yes, thanks so much for your support to Rage and Metal in general! See you all soon! Cheers!

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Questions by Raquel Miranda