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Interview with Ironflame

Ironflame are a band that started in 2016, initially as a solo project by the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Della Cagna. In live performances, they are accompanied by Quinn Lukas and Jesse Scott in guitars, James Babcock in bass and Noah Skiba in drums. On 7th February, they’ve launched their new album of original and third in the discography, “Blood Red Victory”. We talked with vocalist Andrew Della Cagna to tell us a little bit more about the band and the new album. 

M.I. - You are a very recent band, you’ve started in 2016. Tell us a little bit more about the band and how it all began.

Ironflame  began as a solo project but, soon after the first album was released, I began receiving many requests to see the music performed live. I recruited musicians from various parts of my local area and have been performing as an active live band ever since.

M.I. - You have been releasing an album per year. Where do you get the inspiration to write the songs for the albums?

The musical inspiration always just comes from the top of my head, I just sit at the computer with a guitar in my hands and riff until I have enough to build a song and then repeat the process. I write lyrics in the same fashion. A lot of the words and melodies are thought up on the spot at the time of recording. 

M.I. - What can your fans expect from this new album?

I know artists always say this but I truly feel this is our best album ever. The songs are strong and all complement each other very well. The production is also bigger and better than the previous albums. Expect everything you love about Ironflame but taken to the next level. 

M.I. - What is the difference between this new album and the previous ones? 

The biggest difference is the overall cohesion of the songs. Every song interlocks with the next one which makes for a more solid listening experience. These songs belong together and would be much less effective on their own. 

M.I. - Why did you choose the name “Blood Red Victory”?

The warrior on the album cover is wearing a blood red cape so that was a big part of the decision. Also, victory is a recurring theme of the lyrical content. So, to me, it just made sense to call it “Blood Red Victory”. 

M.I. - Why did you choose “Seekers of the Blade” as first single? By the way, it is great song!

I feel like every song on the album was strong enough to make a single from, for different reasons. But I thought about IRONFLAME as an entity and, to me, “Seekers of the Blade” encompasses all of the strongest elements of the band.

M.I. - What has been the reaction of your fans so far to the single? 

“Seekers of the Blade” has been very well received. So far it seems to have pleased all of our fans who have liked us since the first album as well as reaching further and gaining new fans who are hearing us for the first time.

M.I. - How was the process of songwriting for this album?

The main difference between this songwriting process and the previous albums is content. For the first two albums I just wrote until I had enough songs to make an album. For “Blood Red Victory” I wrote over two dozen songs and chose the best ten to use for the album. 

M.I. - Who designed the cover for the album? 

The album art was done by British artist Alan Lathwell. He has done album art for a handful of bands over the years. He is also a well respected fiction fantasy artist. 

M.I. - You seem to have a great time playing live. Is there any tour planned to present the album?

We have a blast playing live, always! Right now we have a few US festivals and random dates planned, as well as festivals and another European tour in late summer. I'm sure more dates will emerge as the year progresses. 

M.I. - What was the hardest moment you had as a band?

That's a tough question. Things have been really good for us as a band so far. We have been blessed with good times and great show opportunities. I honestly cannot recall a moment in this band I would refer to as hard or difficult. 

M.I. - And what was your best moment as a band?

For me it was playing the Keep it True festival in Germany in 2018. It was the biggest audience ever for us and the fans were so appreciative. It was the first time I experienced looking out into the crowd and seeing people I didn't know that knew all the words to our songs.

M.I. - What are your expectations for 2020?

We hope that 2020 will be our best year as a band so far. We will be playing new areas and hopefully gaining new fans along the way. Plans are set to begin recording new material in the fall.

M.I. - Do you want to leave a message to your fans in Portugal? 

If you are already a fan of Ironflame, we thank you for your support. If you haven't checked us out yet, go do it now! Head bang forever!

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Questions by Isabel Martins