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Interview with Gomorra

Gomorra, previously known as Gonoreas, are getting ready to release their first album under this name so we took this chance to talk to Damir Eskic (lead guitar). Thrilled and at the same disappointed due to the current circumstances, Damir doesn’t seem to lose hope. Here’s what he had to say. 

M.I. - Greetings from the Metal Imperium Team here in Portugal! We’re hoping this interview can find you safe and sound given the current situation we’re all living in now. How is everything going on with everyone at Gomorra?

Hello, thank you for asking! At the moment everything’s all right with all the members, we’re just waiting to see when all madness is going to stop...

M.I. - So, Divine Judgement is going to be the very first album under the name you have recently adopted: Gomorra. For anyone who hasn’t been aware of this change, you were previously called Gonoreas. Besides the obvious change in the band’s name, what other changes can be seen in comparison to the last album, “Minotaur”? 

Considering that we have new members, we moved the sound to something heavier and darker with some thrash parts. “Minotaur“ had long epic parts. Now, we have shorter and more energic parts...

M.I. - Tell us about the song, “Gomorra”, which is to be included in the new album as well. How is that connected to the new name?

This was one of the first ideas that we had. It‘s a new product, a new band, and one of the main songs is Gomorra. When we started composing, we asked ourselves „what can we do“? So we came up with the idea to make whole album under only one theme, including the end of the city of Gomorra...

M.I. - So far, how as everyone reacted to the new clips released, namely for “Flames of Death” and “Gomorra”?

The reactions are great, we are totally happy with all the comments and reactions! And the reactions are coming from everywhere and that‘s something that makes us really happy.

M.I. - “Divine Judgement” seems to contain some songs referring to biblical cities. Is this one of the main themes for the album? What is it that inspired you during the creation process? What influences can be perceived in this new album? 

Yeah, that’s a theme based on the destruction of the biblical city of Gomorra. So whether it really happened or not, it‘s a good theme, and even more now, actually, when we see what is happening in the whole wide world...

M.I. - Can “Divine Judgement” be seen as a turning point for the band, especially considering the change in the name? What motivated that change? 

When the new members were brought in, we talked and made the decision to go for a heavier but at the same time this darker melodic style. A good friend, who also managed a big part of Gomorra, helped us a lot to make all the deal stuff and gave us the tip „C’mon, it will be great to call your band Gomorra!“. Gomorra is also good for great themes. So you can work in a good way when you have a great bandname. That friend is also checking if the name is under reservations or trademarks, so we can take the name. And with the name change, also came the move in the way we sound.

M.I. - How hyped are you for this release? Also, this is something we can’t avoid asking, but considering all the problems we’re experiencing with the new Coronavirus, is it something that, in your opinion, can affect the new album’s release or any possible shows for the future as well?

We moved the release to the 22.5.2020, and we also hope that this situation will be easier in May 2020. We were working in regards to a tour in December, but now everything is cancelled...I think Divine Judgement is a great title that fits perfectly in this time now.

M.I. - 6 albums later, and 26 years after the beginning of it all, how would you describe your journey so far? What’s next for Gomorra? 

We are open to everything, and for now we’re focusing on what we can do in the future, because I also play as a guitarrist for Destruction and I‘m working with my wife’s band, the Burning Witches. But it‘s also a new beginning for Gomorra, so stay tuned people, there’s more coming for sure!

M.I. - Now, regarding Heavy Metal bands from Switzerland, you for example have stuck around for quite some time (since 1994), but others like Bolzer, Schammasch and the Burning Witches, which are originally from Brugg as well, have risen to the top as of late. What do you think has sparked such a new generation of Swiss Heavy Metal bands? 

Wow, that’s a difficult question. I’ve been playing Heavy Metal for a very long time now, but making contacts and getting to know more important people is a starting point. For a long time, I was just rehearsing and doing the thing for myself. 
This new generation of bands, they come out and contact the right people, so they get so much more atention right away. That’s the main difference between some years ago and the present time, I think. Also, I think it‘s easier to follow you a bit more closely when you play a harder sound like Black or Death Metal. 

M.I. - Switzerland has certainly given birth to many great bands and it keeps attracting the attention of Heavy Metal legends, like Schmier (Destruction), for example. There is actually a song in which you all worked together in the past with Schmier: Mask of Shame. How does it feel to accomplish that? Is that something we can expect for future projects as well? 

Schmier is from Germany, he is living near the border of Switzerland and we also live close to the border of Germany. So yeah, it was great to have him for the song The Mask of Shame. And he just loves good music. I also think it‘s hasn’t been the last time we worked with him in some of these projects, because he’s willing to contribute to them and wants to do great music.

M.I. - After all the dust has been settled regarding the virus that’s been keeping everyone at bay for obvious reasons, can we expect any shows in Portugal? 

I really really hope that it will be possible to do a good tour also for Gomorra... We were working on a Tour in December, but now all the plans are ruined because all the Tours are being rescheduled for the Winter. So at the moment, I really dont know, maybe in Spring 2021, but this is me hypothetically speaking...

M.I. - Is there anything you would like to address to the fans? 

Please check out and buy the Divine Judgement, the first album of GOMORRA!

M.I. - Damir, thank you so much for granting us this interview, it’s been a huge honor for sure. We wish you all the best and good luck with the release of the new album! Stay safe and keep going strong!

Thank you so much for this interview, and also have a good and healhty time! Cheers!

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Interview by João Guevara