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Interview with Imperial Child

Norway has a lot of History. From Vikings to Black Metal but, this time, this country gives us a new band, that has a lot to offer musically, historically and lyrically speaking. We’ve talked with Chris DeWolf (Vocals/Guitar) and Eagle McMorgan (Drums) about "Compass Of Evil" and its story. They even told us if the Black Metal scene and the burning churches has had an impact on them. Please give them a warming welcome!

M.I. -  Introduce the band and tells us a little bit about your story and your logo.

DeWolf: We started in the end of 2018. Eagle and I have played together since forever and we are a perfect team if I may say so. He knows how to write a story and I compose the music. Together with bass guitarist Vasily Silura, we are Imperial Child. We just released our debut album which marks season 1 of the story. The logo is designed by the legendary Mario Lopez who also did the Artwork for the album.

M.I. -  You come from a country that is associated with Black Metal and the burning of churches. Is that important to this day for the culture and music? What good things did that bring to the bands?

DeWolf: Burning churches has absolutely nothing to do with music of any kind. If you burn a church, you are nothing but a criminal and, may I add, an absolute idiot. I’m aware some so-called musicians think that it’s cool and all, but come on...  Small unsecure people who always wanted to be cool, but never were and, certainly, never will be. As for black metal, the genre, that just comes down to what kind of musical taste a person has. To my ears it’s just noise and I would rather watch paint dry than to listen to for example Mayhem or something like that. I don’t see how burning a church brings any good things to a band or to anything at all. 

M.I. -  Your debut album was released on the 13th March 2020 and the name is "Compass Of Evil", which contains the compelling first part of the story about William Green, Son of the Soulmaker, a man of the living dead and his fight against the devil and the buccaneer, Darren Half-Eye. Where did you get the idea for this story? What can you tell us about the cover?

McMorgan: It came from different things. Originally it started as an idea for a Critical Solution (Our previous band) album, but it was totally different than it is now. So, because of all kinds of changes, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the idea came from, but the legend of The Flying Dutchman, and plotlines we used in Critical Solution, were a starting point. William Green is the son of the main character (Wallace Green), we used in Critical Solution. Our main goal with the cover was to make it different, and to put little hints about the story, and songs in the compass. Characters, locations, plotlines, and songs. 

M.I. -  The album was produced by Andy LaRocque and was recorded at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden. What ideas did the producer bring to this album and band? Did he also have the same vision for this album as you did?

DeWolf: We go way back with Andy (LaRocque), so he knows where we want to go, but also makes us go past that making it even better. Be that a riff, drum fill or whatever. Together we make an excellent producer team and magic things happen every day we spend there. 

M.I. -  Your first single “Libertalia” was released on the 14th of January and features Zak Stevens on vocals. How did you choose him for this song? Was he your first choice?

DeWolf: Zak had a lot to do with this album, especially when it comes to vocal melodies. We would send some of the songs back and forth and then take the best of both our melodies and make it the killer result you hear on the album. So, he kind of became a vocal producer for me. Personally, I had Zak or Jon Oliva in mind for the song as they are both a perfect fit. So, in the very beginning, Oliva was singing it, but some things changed, and Zak did it instead. Zak did a remarkable job on it and in the end, it turned out amazing as we all know.

M.I. -  Can we say that this song is a fight between the two main characters?

McMorgan: Well, sort of, but the plot of the song, is the attack on the town of Libertalia. With the Devil and the buccaneer arranging the attack. 

M.I. - “Priscilla” is a love song. Tell us how the recording of the video went and what ideas you had for it.

DeWolf: It was a great experience! We went back to Varberg in Sweden and had a great producer/Film maker (Marcus Åkesson) do the video with us. He had about a billion ideas and did a great job. We rented a theatre in the city, which was built in 1895 I believe. It created the perfect atmosphere and, of course, you have all the exterior shots made at the beautiful fortress and other places. It was recorded some months before Vasily (Bass player) joined us, but we will do more videos in the future. 

M.I. - Was it a difficult album to record, mix and produce? What surprises can we get and expect, while listening to it?

DeWolf: Not at all. We took our time with this one. It is a lot of hard work, but we have so much fun doing it. You can expect a great story along with great music. I will say we have an original sound with a lot of influences. No song sounds the same and that is very important for us. 

M.I. - What influenced you to write the lyrics and music?

McMorgan: I have always loved to write stories in an epic fantasy scale, since I was very young. So, when I discovered the concept of concept album, it felt naturally to write like that. I also find it easier and more inspiring to write an album as one story, rather than making different lyrics/stories to single songs. 

DeWolf: Music wise, inspiration can come from anywhere. A sound, an atmosphere or whatever. I will be somewhere in time and ideas will just enter my head. Guitar riffs, Piano stuff or cello stuff. I’m very blessed to have it that way.

M.I. -  Will there be a tour to promote it? Which countries will you visit in case this corona virus allows you to?

DeWolf: That was the original plan of course. Now, in these times of uncertainty, everything is just up in the air. We are already progressing on our next album and, of course, there is plenty of time for writing right now. An European tour is probably the first step we could do. 

M.I. -  Thanks so much. Any final words or thoughts you wish to share?

Thank you to everyone who supported us and who listen to our music!

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Questions by Raquel Miranda