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Interview with Mora Prokaza

In 2018, Mora Prokaza completely changed its approach to composition and concept of sound and with the release of the single ‘Blacker than Black’, the band reinvented itself and set out for new musical horizons. Mora Prokaza started recording a new album after signing a contract with Season of Mist and, once again, caught the attention of the metal world with their new album “By Chance”. Farmakon, the always sarcastic and poignant vocalist, talked to Metal Imperium about some interesting subjects... his answers are always intense and full of black humour, just like his music... the underlying aggression in its purest form or perhaps the philosophical look at spiritual growth. Find out more about this Belarusian duo here…

M.I. - You came up with the name Mora Prokaza as it sounded great in Russian. Now the name has an identity of its own… how complicated was it reaching your current status?

Hello! Yes, the name sounds great in Russian. I think English is good too. Well, we came up with it. The name of the group for me personally is completely native words, an integral, constant part, as long as I exist, as long as there is a living movement Mora Prokaza. As for status - dude, there is no status. How is it defined, what does it define? I still live in a communal apartment, in a small room, draw, write music, jerk off, eat, smoke, hear a fucking old woman from the next room, pee with her in the same toilet. And her cat just fucked me up. Insolent, lousy, damn cat. What the fuck is the status? This is if you look at the status with a material eye. And if spiritual, my status is the same as before. I live and create, I love, I hate, I fuck. Also a spiritual business, you know. And about the status, which is determined by the number of listeners or mentions... You do not admit that among them there are no rapists, potential murderers, tyrants, fat perverts? Among the listeners, among those who mention? Just people doing their job for a dollar an hour? There are enough fuckers everywhere. Yes, and we are with you. We are all motherfuckers, somewhere more, somewhere less. The status of the group is - it was, is, and will be!

M.I. - The work “By Chance” was basically created accidentally hence the title. Mora Prokaza has once again pushed the boundaries of black metal but hasn’t sacrificed any of its specific features, though it is not common to see clarinets and saxophones being used in extreme metal. How did the idea of using these instruments come up? Was this a conscious decision? What was the main inspiration for “By Chance”?  

Dude, I'm just tired of doing the same thing. Well, it cannot be that style remained a lying stone? Just tired! And that's all. And then the thing is - do it. I shouldn't think of any person who adopts a certain style in a very flat and one-sided way. But I see it differently. Black metal is the following sequence, given that it's just a name:
  • Condition.
  • Music.

Like all art in general:
  •  Condition.
  •  Creation.

What about instruments like clarinet, saxophone. Yes, I just adore them, that's all. Damn how I adore piano, how fucking I adore the saxophone, how fucking I adore oriental instruments.

M.I. - The band has broken the established paths of black metal and managed to merge incompatible genres. Basically, you’re audacious. Is audacity something that lacks in today’s metal and music scene in general? In your opinion, are musicians afraid to take risks?

It depends on what you put on the line. If you have at stake a desire to make money, experience concert romance, become a recognizable person, be popular - then you are at risk. There really are some fucking rules, according to which you need to do everything "right". Just a market, marketing. Well, if you have at stake, like me, for example, a permanent desire to create, that is another matter. Dude. There are zero risks. I will not lose anything, I didn’t put anything on the line. Well, I'll go and work for a month in some pissed-off store of a large chain, smile at the old women and children, and evil mothers with strollers. Then I'll shoot from there and again find time for creativity. That's what I do. Speaking of courage, this is the most important courage. Be yourself. When we are who we are, we are fucking and terrible. We experience millions of storms of emotions and feelings - and we suppress a lot. Man decided to outsmart nature. The person does not like the truth, and has really learned a few things well - diplomacy, politics, war and cunning. And, of course, endless lies in everything that we see, hear and feel now.

M.I. - What makes Mora Prokaza tick in 2020? Has Farmakon’s vision for the band been accomplished already? What’s missing? What has Mora Prokaza to offer the world? What’s your main goal?

I have no purpose. I live. Everything is still - I am devoted to my work. There is no plan. I create in moments. Everything is in place.

M.I. - You’ve released 3 full-lengths via 3 different labels. The reactions to “By chance” have been awesome, despite the initial backlash in Season of Mist’s page. Did you expect to reach so many people with the new album? What has changed for Mora Prokaza now that you’ve signed to Season of Mist?

I don't know, you say "a lot of people". I wouldn't say that. And I would not want it to attract really many people. Just a sufficient number of "my" people. It would be fair. Because I don't really say in my lyrics what people would want to hear. And the music doesn't talk about it.
As for signing - it certainly helped to find more listeners. Of course, this label's fans weren't expecting this. They expected what they expected. And many could not cope with themselves. It's hard. Don’t tell me about black metal. There is more of it in me than in all of them put together. No frames. Place the beetle out of the frame. Put anyone you want. He will die.

M.I. - The band has released some intense official videos for tracks of the new album and on June 11, 2020, Mora Prokaza published the video “Bad Russian” on Youtube. Where does this track come from as it is not included in any of your works?

Yes, that's right (laughts). This is a clip for my project “A.Molby”. There was a moment of close intersection of two projects for me, yeah. The video is just added from the MP channel, but there is one track name. At one point I thought - it would be fucking awesome to upload it to the band's channel. Will fit.

M.I. - Being a duo, will you be joined by live session musicians when things get back on track and you are finally able to promote the album? Have you got any tour plans so far?

Yes, we are working on a concert program. We are rehearsing. There will most likely be 2 musicians on the stage. Oh, when this starts, I have a new album ready. I am writing it.

M.I. - Farmakon has lived a very intense life… that’s where the intensity of your creations comes from? Do you have any regrets about it? Have you ever considered written a book about it? How important is art to you as a person? Has it saved you somehow?

Yes, that's right. Creativity is all of life, we are all alive. I do not regret anything. Oh yeah! I have been thinking about this for a long time. Book. Yes, I have such thoughts for a long time. I have something to write about. I'm waiting for a call from within. I do not force myself.
Art is important, man, of course important. Man, art is in everything In the ability to shit, write scientific publications, collect cars, jerk off, lie, cook food, fuck, raise children... In everything. It is important to be able to notice. Did it save me? It hasn't saved anyone yet, it seems to me. This is the way. Do you want - a reaction to the world and yourself. Like jogging, yoga classes, swinger parties, pie baking, blunt in the evenings, fucking after hangover.

M.I. - There’s a Mora Prokaza Crew spread all over the world. How important is that for you as a musician? Do you “feed” off their energy and strength?

(Laughts) Funny. Yeah, I eat, I suck out all living things, and I throw it away along with pads and empty milk cans. And I go on looking for new victims, I am that still insatiable fucker.
Yes, these people are. And that's cool. Real!

M.I. - Please share some final words with the Portuguese fans and readers of Metal Imperium.

Hello! See you!

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca