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Interview with Frozen Soul

Frozen Soul's brand of straightforward, in-your-face death metal is a gasp of fresh air in a genre that’s stretched the very limits of technicality. Fully formed in 2018, Frozen Soul’s “Encased In Ice” demo was released in early 2019 and, in early March 2020, the band entered the studio to record their first full-length. “Crypt of Ice” is a breath of very fresh and very cold air on death metal’s fiery landscape and Frozen Soul have delivered a record that embraces the genre’s past whilst pushing death metal forward with frigid force. Metal Imperium caught up with Chad. Discover this American outfit here…

M.I. - The foundation for Frozen Soul was set over the game Magic: The Gathering. Care to elaborate on this?

We actually met at a magic shop I worked at, not quite over a game itself but we have played many games since!

M.I. - Formed in 2018 by Green and guitarist Michael Munday, who were both also handling caveman duties with local bonecrushers, End Times. How did the idea of creating Frozen Soul come up considering that you were already involved in another project?

We were writing music that was a little heavier than the direction we wanted for End Times so we decided to turn those into Frozen Soul!

M.I. - You’ve set yourselves apart by being much heavier than the other Death Metal bands. Was this always your intention or was it accidental?

I wouldn’t say we are any heavier but we just like no frills in your face heavy ass death metal and I think we do a pretty good job showing that!

M.I. - Frozen Soul did some shows opening for Blood Incantation, Gatecreeper, and Obituary which helped usher the band into the national and international light. Did you expect to become this big in such short time?

We didn’t think we would ever be here to be honest, but we have all worked really hard at what we have wanted in life and this feels like it’s happened overnight after 15 years of work!

M.I. - Frozen Soul hit the road in North America throughout 2019 as well as the dead of Winter 2020.. how was it?

It was really fun and a great experience, all of the shows slayed and we did much better than we expected!

M.I. - “Crypt of Ice” includes the tracks that are also featured in the EP “Encased in Ice”. Why?

Because we felt like we couldn’t do them the justice they deserved and once we began to play them better and got a more rounded out lineup we felt like it was best to make the LP a continuation of the demo and include those older songs!

M.I. - Why won’t the track “Tormented by Time” be featured on the record if it was recorded at the same time as Crypt of Ice and it’s one of your favourite songs?

Because we wanted to have something separate that could be used for promotional support. Decibel Magazine is a legendary publication for metal and we felt like working with them exclusively for that song would be a huge honour!

M.I. - Your EP is titled “Encased in Ice” and your album “Crypt of Ice”… why this fixation with ice? 

Because the world is cold, we all feel it, we have all seen it and some won’t be lucky enough to make it out alive!

M.I. - Was “Crypt of Ice” written recently during the pandemic? Have your plans (release date and all) changed at all because of it?

Some before some after, and yes our release date was November 13th at first but due to the pandemic and US election we moved it!

M.I. - Who’s responsible for the cover artwork? It is so cold and beautiful. 

Velio Josto a true legend and master of his craft!

M.I. - The band recently added more members to its ranks… what have they got to offer Frozen Soul? How much better are you now?

Matt of End Times, Chris Bonner from Steel Bearing Hand. Both of them have been a huge improvement to our ranks and we most definitely would not have been able to write the record we love without them! We are now a complete family! Much love to our brother and previous guitar player Raymond MacDonald and his band Kombat, awesome death metal from Denton Texas!

M.I. - There’s a whole of expectation from the fans regarding the upcoming full-length in 2021… what do you expect of it?

I expect it to crush all the IQs and give people that primitive rage that they need to get through, live and conquer any obstacle in their way!

M.I. - How did you feel when you found out that Century Media was interested in Frozen Soul? How’s it like being part of the Century Media family? Does it put some extra pressure and add extra responsibility to Frozen Soul?

Not at all, it makes us feel honoured and want to work twice as hard! We love Philipp and the rest of Century Media for giving us this opportunity and believing in us!

M.I. - What are Frozen Soul’s goals for the near future?

Write more music, create more content, and tour the world whenever things allow us to!

M.I. - How much impact has coronavirus had on the band? How has it affected your personally and as musicians?

It has been tough but I think that it has made us stronger as a family and as a band and in turn we will be better!

M.I. - I hope “Crypt of Ice” will be a huge success that will bring Frozen Soul to European shores. How to see you play live soon. Please share a message with Metal Imperium’s readers please.

We are here to stay, and we will see you and the rest of Europe as soon as possible, get your jackets it’s about to get really cold!

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