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Interview with Arrayan Path

Another band that comes from an island. This time: Cyprus. The Greek influence is very clear on this record, and so is the mythology. 
“The Marble Gates To Apeiron”, was released on the 27th November, by Pitch Black Records, and Arrayan Path kindly talked with us about this record and why they decided to divide it into three parts. 

M.I. - Hi there, guys. Thanks for having me and talk about this epic album and a bit about yourselves. How are you doing in these times? What are you up to?

Hello, Raquel! We are pretty much doing what the rest of the world does: trying to protect ourselves and others, so nothing musical going on unfortunately, except maybe promoting our new album.

M.I. - You come from Cyprus, which is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Greek influence is very important there and it’s also one of the official languages. And let’s not forget the mythology. Apeiron is an old Greek word, which means "boundless", infinite", "boundary". Are you fascinated by old philosophers and their ideologies? 

Yes, of course! Our influences, both lyrically and musically, come directly from our mythology and folklore. I have to say that it’s pretty much 60 or 70 per cent of our lyrics, which usually describe either historical facts or mythological tales. But we have done albums and songs that relate to other mythologies as well. I personally love Egyptian, Assyrian, Hindu and Roman mythology, as well.

M.I. - “The Marble Gates To Apeiron” has a central theme, concerning human nature, as it has developed through the ages and its reaction to life, death, religion, and a pandemic, among other things. Why these themes and not others? Why do you find the human nature so intriguing to write an album about it?

Maybe because I have lost my faith in humanity, and I constantly have these questions in my head about, whether humans have been the same as they are now, or whether things used to be better in the past. We all have a grandmother or a grandfather, telling us that people were more friendly or hospitable in the past. This triggered a more intense personal quest of mine, to try and imagine human nature throughout the ages for all sorts of happenings and events.

M.I. - The record is divided into three parts and each song represents that same part: The Past, The Present and The Future. Why? Any symbology, concerning our times?

Not really. Based on what I described before and the diachronic nature of mankind, it indicates human reaction in the past and the present, but also how I’m guessing it will be in the future.

M.I. - How was the music process for this album? Did you make any changes between “Archegonoi” and this one?

Yes! I mean, it is obvious that we sped up the tempo and made a generally shorter album. I love ‘Archegonoi’, it’s one of my favourite albums but, at the same time, I understand that it was hard to consume, due to its complexity.

M.I. - Who or what was the main inspiration for the lyrics and the music? A book, maybe?

Regarding lyrics, I think the variety of themes is so big, that I can safely say that anything we could read or see, would become inspiration for lyrics. Plus of course, our mythology. Regarding music, I would say this was more Power Metal; so e.g., Helloween, Stratovarius, Kamelot, Symphony X, but also the base of our influences, which is Iron Maiden.

M.I. - Was everything in this album new material or did you have leftover material from previous albums?

We didn’t have leftover material, but we always visit older ideas, maybe one chorus, one vocal line, etc. Our albums are always a mixture of new and old ideas. But they’re hardly songs. Just ideas here and there.

M.I. - The cover is the heart and soul of the record and the fans listen to it through the eyes. An artist must be capable to do that and help the band/musician conquer that battle. Giannis Nakos did that. Care to introduce him and how you met, please?

Yes! Giannis Nakos is a rising star in artwork design. He owns Remedy Artwork Designs, and he is very co-operative. And a great guy too! He usually likes to have the main idea from the band, but he wants the freedom to create something himself, without exhausting guidelines.

M.I. - You’ve been in a long, professional collaboration with your record label, Pitch Black Records. What has been your secret? What do bands and labels want from one another?

They need to understand each other’s needs, but also limitations. I think this is the secret. And I think we are happy, because of the trust and work being done by our label, but I think we also deliver sales-wise for them to have a profit.

M.I. - Nicholas is also the singer with Warlord. Any news about a possible release?

No news from Warlord, unfortunately. The band is on hiatus until further notice.

M.I. - I’ve read, on your Facebook page, that you are ready to tour as soon as possible. Have you talked with a promoter about dates and countries? Portugal maybe? 

At the moment no touring is allowed for the whole world, so we are waiting to see when things will change. We have not talked to any promoter, but we would love to play in Portugal. If you know any promoters that would like to book the band, we would love to do it!

M.I. - Since Cyprus is a small island, how big is the Metal scene there?

It’s very small, only a few active bands, and when I say active, I mean recording and touring, etc. But we have taken big steps in the last 10 years. 

M.I. - Thanks so much for the interview. Any final words to our readers?

We hope you’ll check out the album and our discography, in general, and we hope to gain some new fans from Portugal. Thanks for the interview!

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Questions by Raquel Miranda