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Interview with Cvlt Ov The Svn

Cvlt Ov The Svn is inspired by Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Doors and Pantera and these legends come through in COTS’ sound, which results in beautiful, intense melodies adorned by a sexy unique voice. COTS’ enigmatic frontman had a conversation with Metal Imperium to talk about his upcoming and long-awaited debut album “We Are The Dragon”. 

M.I. - How did you come up with the name Cvlt Ov The Svn and why have you opted to exchange some letter for V? Is this a Black Metal allusion?

If I recall correctly, it just popped into my mind. I like the sound of it. I've been drawn to the occult subjects from a very young age for some reason. The v thing is a combination of Latin and as you stated, black metal.

M.I. - Cvlt Ov The Svn defined itself as «occult murder pop». Is this still the best description for the band in 2021?

It sure is. And it will be to the bitter end. Considering the sonic path of COTS, nothing has changed since late 2018.

M.I. - In 2019 you released the EP “Luna in The Sky Forever”. How was it received by the fans in general and the media?

I think it did fairly well considering that it was the first release. "The Pit" is still in rotation at Kerrang! radio and "Luna In The Sky Forever" was a top three song in WSOU radio (US) in 2019. It seems that people liked it and are craving for more and more they will get. 

M.I. - What are the similarities / differences between the EP and the debut album “We Are The Dragon”?

The album is sort of a continuum for the EP for all the four songs can be found on the album also. I tend to see each song as a unique piece of art separated from each other but the atmosphere stays quite the same through the album. Same thing can be said about the EP.

M.I. - Your debut album is about to be released in a strange time for this world. Has the recording process been affected by it somehow?

We are in strange times indeed. I started to write and pre-produce these songs like 4-5 years ago so the ongoing situation hasn't affected the making of the debut album. During the past year I have had nothing but time to write tons of new material which has suited me quite well in the end.

M.I. - When the EP was released, you mentioned that you had loads of material ready. Are any of the tracks in the debut from that period or have you written more stuff?

They are. I had the album pretty much written by the the time the EP came out so it has been a long wait for me. It just takes a lot of time to get everything set up for the release. I hope to get the second one out a bit quicker.

M.I. - Cvlt Ov The Svn’s enigmatic frontman started writing songs as a therapy and it resulted in this band... writing lyrics still works as a therapy for you?

I guess you could say that. Part of the writing process is facing my own demons so, in that sense, it still is. As I am not writing in my native tongue, it's also a bit of outsmarting myself too as this goes further.

M.I. - You once said that your lyrics are “...a mix of my life-story and imagination without boundaries. Horror themes are obviously there with Lovecraftian influence. It’s almost like every story is told by a different demonic entity.” What topics do you like to address?

It's all about extremes for me. Overall, I think that COTS is about depicting negativity as I am able to understand it. Some of the themes obviously flirt with The Devil archetype but for me it is not satanic in it's nature.

M.I. - You are surrounded by a mysterious aura... do you think it attracts more listeners? How did you create this image?

It came quite naturally in the end. In today's world with all the social media platforms, everything is served on a silver tray daily which dramatically decreases the mystery of rock n' roll. I don't know if I gain any listeners or not. It just suits me better.

M.I. - Your voice is quite unique and sexy… did you have any lessons in order for it to sound like this or does it come out like that naturally?

Thank you. I didn't take any lessons. It took some time to get the voice right without destroying my vocal cords. Nowadays it comes effortlessly.

M.I. - This is a one-man and you have talented musicians that join you onstage. Why have you opted to form a band like this? Is it easier if you control the whole process? Isn’t this an extra burden on your shoulders?

The main reason is that I don't have to make any compromises. When in a band there is a lot more infighting about everything and I'm pretty much done with that shit. It is a bigger burden for sure but I like it that way. I'm in my prime under pressure.

M.I. - “When I began composing the music, I thought that there should be a link between somewhat poppish melodies and intense lyrics. The Mask was the link. I unmask in the new video, which was a conscious step forwards. The Mask is now buried deep, and shall never again see the light of day.” You used to wear a mask that you have now “buried”… why did you use it and why have you optedto bury it now?

In the beginning I thought that it would be a bit easier to tell these stories through another identity. After a while it became obvious to me that it's more important to be myself rather than hide behind a mask.

M.I. - Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Doors, Pantera are some of your inspirations. That’s quite a diverse lot. Do you think music should be as diverse as possible in order to be “richer”? Playing always a certain genre might “decrease” creativity?

That is the case for me. I get bored quite easily. Combining a lot of genres gives me the freedom to do whatever I want sonically which in my mind is extremely important.

M.I. - Once you said you want to achieve the best of you in every aspect. Are you a perfectionist? Do you think it is possible to achieve perfection? Do you feel frustrated when you don’t?

I am in a sense. And within that lies the sweet paradox that it cannot be achieved but at the same time it keeps me going. And yes, sometimes I get very frustrated but it is a necessary part of songwriting in my opinion. 

M.I. - In terms of playing live, there’s a sense of magic and connection once the act starts to perform. “In a way, I am having fun with the lyrics and the riffs while writing the music. When delivering it live, my persona is way more intense and aggressive while writing. But there are similarities in the two, obviously.” How much do you miss touring? Are you eager for things to go back to normal?

I think it's all about adapting to the circumstances whatever they may be. If the world opens up, I'm more than happy to tour the shit out of it. If the situation remains like this, then I will just put out more albums. I think it's a no brainer that it would be better for everyone if things get sorted out. 

M.I. - Share a final message with Metal Imperium’s readers please.

Trust yourself and listen to COTS. Then after that, you can listen to more COTS. Have a good one. XXX

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