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Interview with Liv Kristine

This girl is beautiful inside and outside and has the courage of a lioness. Despite of what she was going through, she never stopped dreaming and fighting for her will to sing. And you will see why!
The voice of a siren, that will make you want to buy this EP. “Have Courage Dear Heart”, will be released, via Allegro Talent Media, on the 7th May.
The songs were made from the bottom of her heart and have a special taste. Why? Tommy Olsson, from Theatre Of Tragedy, with whom she sang on the band, helped on the EP and the live songs are from the annual concert, in Nagold.
We chatted about Coldbound, Karmasonic and more. She even gave us advices on how to find our true voices!

M.I. -  Hi there, Liv. It’s been a while since we last chatted. I hope you are great and your family as well.

We are, thank you! We are safe! Everybody is healthy and I have a safe job. I’m a teacher! A 9am to 5pm teacher and I earn my monthly money, because I can’t play any concerts and it’s alright, because I can survive and I’m thankful for that. And are you ok? I hope you are ok! 

M.I. -  Yes, thank you very much! I’m healthy and took my shot of the vaccine, too!

You have to, because you work in the health system.

M.I. -  And I hope you had the chance to do the same, too.

Not yet, because they stopped the vaccination, here in Germany, but my immune system is doing great, my family is too, so let’s see what will happen.

M.I. -  “Vervain” from 2014 was your last release and “Have Courage Dear Heart” is the name of your new one, that was released on the 14th April, this year, on every digital platforms. Why did you choose the name for this EP and how is your heart doing now?

I wish I could show you! It’s actually tattooed here: “Have Courage Dear Heart”. It was tough leaving the home, where I had lived for fifteen years, cancelling the marriage and all that stuff. Getting back to a 9am to 5pm job, I had no home, no money, nothing! Actually, I always have been an optimistic woman. I always have been a strong woman and I always had a clear mind about things that I’m going to survive. But I felt like I was in a spin of a nightmare and I didn’t know where to start. My family is in Norway and I’m living in Germany, because my son was born in here, eighteen years ago. That’s why I’m still in Germany and if not, I would have left a long time ago, with my son to go to Norway, but it’s not possible. So, I had to start from scratch, and I thought: “What do I have to do now? Where do I have to start?”. And I felt that my body and my head were tired, I had a big trauma to take care of. I felt kind of lost. I lost myself. Yes! I had really lost myself! And then I thought: “Wow! I need to start with self-love! To take care of myself! To slow down! I need to, actually, go into myself and deal with the matters! To deal with the trauma! To deal with my bad financial situation, and also to reach out and ask for help!”. I needed to ask my friends for help. Then you realize who are your friends, right? When you have nothing! When you need a bed! When you need to lend some money, right? Then you realize that you have one or two true friends. I needed that courage to be kind to myself! To act out of self-love! Yeah! I really wanted to open my heart again. Love again and to let somebody into my life. I was really scared of being hurt again. So, I put that tattoo on my body, on my skin: “Have Courage Dear Heart”. I would say it’s actually two years ago, when I met Michael. I’m here, right now, at his home now, because he’s living in Switzerland and I’m living in Germany. So, we need to travel, but in Covid times, you can’t move to another country. But it’s all fine. And it's exactly this week two years ago, since we met. I had the courage in my heart, to love again, to be kind to myself and to also open up to another person. And my world and my life changed so much since then! 

M.I. -  Your former partner in Theatre Of Tragedy, Tommy Olsson, helped you a lot. He wrote the songs and then he just sent them for you to sing them, so magically. Since you live in Germany and you travel constantly to Switzerland, and he has been in Norway, how did you discuss the music and lyric process? 

I have to let you know that Tommy and I got in touch, in 2014, already. That was after “Vervain” was released. I actually did some solo shows on “Vervain” and I had Raymond, of Theatre Of Tragedy, my old friend, on board. He was joining my solo shows, so we could play some old Theatre Of Tragedy songs, because the band, Theatre Of Tragedy, was not interested in playing live. So, I invited Ray to my solo shows. Then Ray said: “Hey! Why don’t you get in touch with Tommy? Because Tommy would love to work with you!”. So, Tommy got in touch with me. I was happy to hear from him. He sent me a bunch of songs and he said: “I have so many compositions and I need the perfect voice!”. We were the perfect match, on the album “Aégis”. Actually, it was in 2018, three or four years later, when we met, sat down, and picked the songs, because I wasn’t really ready in my head. My head had so much to think about. I really needed to get my life sorted. When I was ready, I went to see Tommy in his studio, and we worked on the songs. The lyrics and the melody lines are all my ideas, and he writes the music. It’s just the perfect frequency between us. I haven’t seen him since 2019. Due to Covid, I couldn’t travel home to see my family, see him, but I’ve been able to record some of my vocals here and send them to him. With the EP, which will be out very soon, we thought that we really had to give something to our fans, friends and followers, because I haven’t released anything since 2014. We needed to do something and Covid is slowing down the process of the full-length album. We wanted to release the EP and then, probably in the beginning of 2021, we would have the full-length album ready. We still need three songs, but they are on their way. Tommy is composing. We have two special guests: male vocals, that will join us on the full-length album and we’re waiting for them, as well. There’s a full-length album nearly ready, but we needed to release the EP, because I have the most patient fans in the world. Really! So, it was about time! So, it’s actually like a gift to the fans! That’s why I also decided with Michael, my soon-to-be-husband, that we would press a vinyl. 

M.I. - Let’s talk about the tracks and what makes them so magic and perfect, shall we? The title track “Have Courage Dear Heart” was a mandolin tune, created by Tommy. It had a Morricone vibe, that could take the fans’ imagination into a Western movie. And he’s very well known for his soundtracks. Which ones influenced you, to sing and keep the tracks’ feeling? How did he come up with the idea of adding this instrument?

Yes! I would love to! It was one and a half years ago, Tommy just sent me this mandolin piece that sounded completely different. It was just a mandolin, and I went to the studio, because I knew exactly what to sing. So, I remember I was singing the melody lines and I wrote the lyrics. It was twenty minutes! I just let the music run on my laptop and I recorded it on my iPhone. I sent it to Tommy, and he said: “Wow! Ok! Can you find a studio somewhere?”. And then we called a friend of Michael, we drove there, and we just recorded it, except Tommy. And I didn’t hear anything from Tommy, like for almost a year. And then this different song came back, like a movie track (laughs). Tommy said: “Here it is! “Have Courage Dear Heart”! and I thought: “Ok! This is completely different for what we have done!”. But Tommy is a man of surprises and he knowns exactly what I love! So, it was beautiful! But it is a song that is very, very, very important to me! 
It was the most famous theme of Morricone! That one! I was just imagining the desert, the sun, the heat. It’s like when your heart is dry out. It’s completely dry! Your heart is like a desert and then it starts raining. The flowers are growing, and the green is coming out. It feels like a rebirth! From the heart! So, that’s what it’s all about! And of course, about having the courage to love again! 

M.I. -  “Skylight” is a limited single that was released in December 2019 and, therefore, you decided to release it with its own cathedral version. What arrangements did you decide to make, in terms of music?

That was the first song that came into existence, already in 2019, as a finished song. And I just loved it so much. I thank Tommy. It’s like driving through the Sunday sunshine, with the windows open, just enjoying your ride and having no sorrows. You’re just free and you’re just driving, enjoying the ride. Like enjoying the ride of your life and you’re seeing the light is there and there is no dark tunnel anymore. No night anymore! That was actually the first song and it was released in Nagolg, at my show, in 2019. Specially for the people, who travelled to Nagold and that was my annual show. And then, we had to play an encore. I said to my piano player: “Hey! Should we do ‘Skylight’? Do you think we should play it?”. And he said: “Sure!”. And we did it! We recorded it and the audience loved it! It was just a spontaneous thing! I showed it to Tommy, and he said: “Ok! Please tell your piano player he needs to record it, then you come back to the studio and you sing it all again!”. Everything is recorded again, the voice too. That’s why it is a cathedral version.

M.I. -  “Serenity” is an old demo and expresses this ‘Saturday morning’ and weekend vibe. Why did you only decide to release it now? Did you make any arrangements regarding the music? When you talk about ‘Saturday morning’ vibes, do you mean waking up, having a cup of coffee and staring at the sun, welcoming a new day?

Yeah! I had to choose between the two ‘Saturday morning’ good vibe songs: “Skylight and “Serenity”, at the release of the first single, when “Skylight” and “Gravity” were released on the single, in 2019! So, we decided to release “Skylight” and “Gravity” and decided to leave “Serenity” for the EP. That’s why “Serenity” is on the EP. But still, I can’t choose between the two, because they’re both this ‘Saturday sunshine’, free ride and freedom vibe. 
No! It’s all Tommy! 
It depends a little bit on the time of the year. What I feel! The frequency! Because if it’s dark, I like to light a candle, sit down with my diary, do some meditation, do some yoga, drink some hot coco, coffee or a tea and then I start slowly into the day! Whereas, if the sun’s up, at 6 o’clock in the morning, and I’m more like: “Yay!”, then I go for a run, after having coffee, of course! I have a coffee and I go for a run, like I did this morning. I woke up at 6 o’clock, without the alarm. Well, Michael was still sleeping, and I said: “I need to go for a run!” (laughs). That’s a completely different vibe. I love all times of the year and every season has a special vibe to it. I would say, “Gravity” is more the darker time of the year, whereas “Serenity” and “Skylight” are for the spring and the summer. I like to see it that way. 
It's a very nice question!

M.I. -  Live tracks are part of this beautiful masterpiece and it’s the first time that you release this kind of material. They were played in Nagold (Germany), on your eighth annual show, on the 20th of December 2019. “Siren” (Theatre of Tragedy, Aégis, 1998), “Panic”, “Ave Maria” (specially requested by your audience), were chosen for the EP. Nagold is very special for you, especially because you had the visit of your best friend, Anette (The Sabbathian). Why did you choose these songs and not others? Do tell us more about this show and what made it so magical, that you decided to choose songs from this particular year.

Well, first of all, I’m listening to my own voice. If everything is in tune. The instruments have to be in tune. I need to check with my band, the room we’re playing. So, I wanted just to be perfect for everybody. Of course, it’s very special to be on stage with my best friend, Anette. It’s very, very special. And apart from Anette, I have two best friends, in Germany. Anette is Norwegian and she’s a long-time friend. Here in Germany, I have two best friends and they were at the show too. They met at the show. At that night, we had audience from Portugal, Chile, Sweden, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, of course, from Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria. We had Belgium, the Netherlands. An international audience! It has become a gathering, for international fans! The thing is, that we all meet each other at the venue, I play the show and, then, we all meet after it. To this show, I have like, I think, a maximum of 170 people. It’s a very intimate show! It’s a seated show, with candles and people drink a glass of wine. I also do a couple of Christmas carols, like “Ave Maria”, which is also one of the tracks, on the live part, of the EP. 
Yes! It is a very special gathering and most of the people that are there, have known each other for many years! We meet at the hotel and the next morning, we have breakfast together, for those who have to sleep over, in Nagold and a couple days later, is always Christmas. It’s a very special thing! It honors me a lot, that people travel from Chile. From the other side of the world! From Greece, Denmark, Great Britain, to come and see me on stage and that is something that moves me! It makes me very emotional! So, I thought: “What about releasing a couple of songs, from this special event?”. And I had no clue, that this would be the last event, for a couple of years, because after that, there was a lockdown. And I couldn’t do my show in 2020! Will see what 2021 will bring! 

M.I. -  Your fiancé, Mikkel, was your support to release this material. So was Allegro Talent Media. Since he has a lot of experience like yourself, what advices did he give you? And Allegro?

Actually, two years ago, I was talking to major labels, to bigger record companies, but, you know, my life has changed so much. I’ve never been a rock star! I’ve never been that kind of a diva or something! It comes with passion! It comes from the heart! And I’m privileged to become this successful! And I’m very privileged to still have the chance to release music. And then, there were major labels being interested. I just didn’t feel safe. I felt like: “Well, I have my 9am to 5pm job! I work with autistic children! I work with young people, with special needs! I give my vocal coaching lessons! I help people solve their traumas! All this is really very important to me!”. And I don’t want to give it up, because the more a label pays you, the more you have to ‘dance’. When they say: “Dance”! or when they say: “Sing”! you have to do it! And I have built up my new life and I didn’t want to give it up, because it’s safety. And look now! As we have this pandemic times now! I have a safe job! Like you! I have a 9am to 5pm job. I am blessed, to have found this opportunity, before the whole situation changed for all of us! As a musician living from music, that would have been a catastrophe. I need to feed my family, to pay my rent, like you. There is no difference between you and me. I stopped living from music many, many years ago. I really have to say that it’s a blessing to be where I am today. I have to say so! Yes! I’m very happy to still be here and for everything that happens! 
When I decided not to sign with a major label, everybody was like: “Are you crazy?! You can get so much money!”. “But I don’t want to sing! I don’t want to give up the life I built up! And I’m also a mother! I have a responsibility! I don’t want to go on tour, anymore! I want to play shows, but I don’t want to be on tour!”. 
When Michael came into my life and he said: “Well, I have got a small label and I have a handful of artists. I advise and I help, but I’m just an individual, independent and small label!”. And I said: “What could be better?! You can give me advice, with the knowledge you have, of being a label and I can concentrate with I do the best, which is singing, writing lyrics, doing some shows here and there. That’s what I do the best!” We just found this common frequency and I can be really authentic. I really do what it’s good for me and what my heart is saying! So, it’s a blessing to have Michael to help me, with all of this, because he knows the bureaucratic and all the stuff (laughs). I had just felt like: “OK! Will I ever have seen him again?”. It was Michael who said, exactly two years ago: “I think I need to kick your ass! I want this! I want you to start to sing! I want you to pick up Tommy’s songs and work on them!”. That was it!  

M.I. -  We can also learn a lesson, just by watching your cover artwork: “find your inner voice and what makes you passionate, that defines truth and open your heart”. Do you agree? Should we always seek for our voice, for the rest of our life?

Yes! Yes! You’re so right! What you see in the artwork, is just me! I don’t need to pretend! I don’t need to be someone else! I don’t need to be a Rockstar, a diva or anything! Just put me in the forest, just take a photo and I’m thinking of a beautiful place. That’s it! That’s what the artwork is about! It’ss about being in balance with yourself, your heart, with nature! That’s it! It makes the Universe so much more peaceful! That’s what I want to show, and I really wish for the lovely people I work with, you know, connecting with me for vocal coaching. I really want them to find their true voice, inner and outer voice, because that’s when their life really begins! When you start setting boundaries, and you get rid of toxic people, toxic situations, complicated people, who do not act on behalf of their love and heart, who just want to make your life complicated, get rid of them! Set boundaries! Listen to your inner voice and you will sing like an angel! I am sure I can make everybody sing and I’m working with people between the ages of five to fifty-five, to find their true voices. I found mine, when I was forty-five. And I’m forty-five! 

M.I. -  You will release limited copies of the EP: a LP in three colors, a Heavy Weight Vinyl 180g and a CD Digipak, with 6-page booklet, on the 7th of May. Why these colors and do they have any meaning for you? What more surprises will the fans find on the other formats?

The colors of the artwork are very earthly. It has to do with earth and feeling grounded. Feeling in contact with mother earth and that is what I also really needed, after what happened in 2016, when my world just exploded. Everything was screwed! Everything was in crumbles! I really needed to find the essence of myself and to feel the connection with mother earth again! To feel safe in my life. That’s what the colors are representing!

M.I. -  Speaking of formats, it’s the first time that you will release your music in vinyl. How do you feel?

First of all, it’s a blessing! I’m a vinyl collector myself and Michael too! It was Michael who said: “Ok! If we release it together, we want to do vinyl too!”. So, it’s all self-investment. Those people who take vocal coaching sessions with me, invest in my musical projects. So, you’re all a part of it! It’s a beautiful feeling, because, you know, it’s just a wonderful frequency of giving and taking. Giving back. It’s very important! 

M.I. -  Did the mastering and mixing of the EP took place between countries? Who helped with it? 

It happened in Norway, at Tommy’s place and in Germany, at two different studios. We had one person, mixing the live songs and other mixing Tommy’s songs. Three studios were involved in the EP. 

M.I. -  This EP is halfway through for your album to be released and with it, you had to face fears. How are you feeling now and the recording of the album? Can you tell us something in advance about it? For example, how many songs do you have ready? The lyrics and the music? The meaning?

Now we have nine songs ready, and I would like to have an album with eleven songs, because eleven is the magical number. So, we need two more songs and Tommy is composing in Norway. So, it’s all running and going well. We’re nearly finished.
We don’t really know the title yet! I haven’t chosen it yet! But the album is basically about finding the light in the tunnel! It’s supposed to be an inspiration to everyone out there, who is really trying to find his or her own way back to oneself! Finding my way back home to me! To be the loving person I am, open up my heart again, enjoy life with my full spirit, breath in the fresh air and suck in the light. That’s what’ all about! 
I just want music to be a frequency. That’s it! Because I remember that, since I was three years old, I’ve been crazy about music and obsessed with singing. Obsessed with voices, especially Metal! Like you! Those moments are magic, when you hear one song, that you love so much! It just raises your spirit. Your frequency! You just feel in love, with that moment! And that’s what I want to give you. That’s it! I want to give you a fantastic experience! I want you to feel free and happy. Absolutely in alignment with yourself, when you’re listening to the album. I want you to enjoy the moment.

M.I. -  You still have another project and it’s a band that reminds us of the early years of your career: Coldbound: it started as a one-man project by Pauli Souka, but now it’s you, Pauli (all instruments/ vocals) and Meiju Enho (keyboards/orchestrations/vocals). How did you end up in this project?

About a year ago, Pauli, from Coldbound, sent me a song and he did this, because he got my contacts through Michael. Michael and Pauli have been friends for many years. They’re brothers in crime. They toured together, in the past. Pauli asked Michael if I would listen to a song, that he thought would be perfect for me. I listened to the song and, after thirty seconds, I said: “Ok! That’s my baby!”. I recorded the song and sent it off to Pauli and we were both crying, because for me, it was like coming home again and for Pauli, it was one of his biggest dreams coming true! And then I said to Pauli: “You know, Pauli, I just can’t give you this song! And that’s it! Do you have more?!”. And he said: “Yes! I have two albums!”. And then, Meiju joined Coldbound and Meiju and Pauli asked me to join. And it was just a matter of time. This has been like arranged by the Universe. This is great! And Pauli is the composer, Meiju breaks in the ethnical sound from the universe. She’s the woman, who takes in all the ethnical inspirations and I am there with my voice. It’s perfect! It’s a perfect triangle! I have to let you know one thing: we have never met in our whole lives! We have never met! None of us and it’s due to Covid, that we couldn’t visit each other. We have postponed the flights so many times. But still, it doesn’t change. It’s like a magic family. We call ourselves “The Magic Family” (laughs). It feels like heaven found, too. It feels like brother and soul sister. I can’t put it in a different way! It feels so much like coming home and I think this was what I was ready for. 

M.I. -  The new Coldbound album will be called “Slumber Of Decay” and the title track was released on February 5th, featuring you. Where did the footage took place and the story behind it?

The video was shoot here, in the forest, in Switzerland, and Michael filmed it. I couldn’t travel to Sweden, to visit Pauli. Pauli filmed his drone filming, in Sweden. So, it’s Switzerland and Sweden. And Pauli made the video! He’s the one who did it. The conductor! 

M.I. -  The artwork and photography for the album, was done by Balsara Inc, from Xeniya Balsara Photography. Aren’t you worried about your album being banned from conserved countries?

No! Pauli has this special connection. We wanted a cover being controversial. We wanted that. We didn’t want typical front ladies, playing with sexy appeal. It’s all about sex appeal and we didn’t want that. We just wanted a true, authentic body. Showing real skin! 

M.I. -  Congratulations also for the release of your new site. Also, Karmasonic is a place where everyone can get vocal lessons and a painting painted by you. Could you talk about the Karmasonic site and the lessons, please?

Yes! I would love to! Karmasonic is something that I had in mind, since 2017. I had some requests over the years, for singing lessons, vocal coaching, but I had to let it linger. I had to think about it. I had to develop my idea. And then Covid came, the pandemic situation and we were forced to be in lockdown. I thought: “Ok! Now is the time to sit down and think about it! I need to find a concept!”. And I did! I asked my friends, if they would take vocal coaching sessions with me, what they wanted to have and to experience! I sat down, just wrote down my ideas and I thought: “Well, maybe it is not so important to stick to those ideas. I need to get to know the person I’m seeing, I’m connecting with! And I’m sure that the right people will connect with me!”. So, I put it online, on my Liv Kristine site and page, and I had so many requests! I really used the lockdown time to connect with people from all over the world, searching for the voices, wanting to strengthen their voices. Amazing! Amazing work! And I see every person as an individual. I work holistically, that means that I go into your frequency. Your life! Wishes! Issues! Trauma! Your wish to sing in a special way! We’re dealing with you! I give all my intention to with every person! So, I’m maximum working with five to seven people, at one period, for like three or four months. Basically, people meet like three sessions and then we’re done! It takes a couple of months, half a year or a year, and then people keep coming back to me and say: “Ok! I have a question now! I need some advice!”. But three sessions are mostly enough, to find the true, authentic way. At some point, I decided to have a page, for the singing lessons and for the paintings. So, that’s how it happened and I’m very, very proud of it! I just feel that Karmasonic is something that is going to grow! 
It’s about voice experience and it’s also about something that is very important to me, when I’m painting! When I’m painting, I’m painting music, actually! I’ve always seen music with colors. It’s some kind of special competence or ability I have. I always see colors with music. So, what you do when you order a painting from me, via Karmasonic, I ask you about your favorite song, dream, vision, and I ask you about your favorite color. And then I bring it all on the canvas. So, I’m actually painting something that is part of you! It’s a very, very interesting work!

M.I. -  You’ve posted on your Facebook page, very good news for vinyl lovers: since Theatre of Tragedy’s “Velvet Darkness They Fear” will turn 25 years old this year, a limited edition will be released, more precisely on the 14th of May. 
Is this album your favorite one, from the years, that you were in the band? Did you follow the remaster of the vinyl and the work behind it? 

Well, the work behind the rerelease of “Velvet Darkness They Fear” is done mainly by my friends (I hate to say ex-band members) in Norway. I couldn’t visit them. So, it’s all being done, you know, digitally. But they have such good insight, such good ideas and I thought it’s just perfect! And when I saw it, I was very happy about it! 
I would say “Velvet Darkness They Fear” or “Aégis” are my favorite albums. 

M.I. -  Your upcoming gig has just been confirmed, at the Stella Nomine Festival, in August for a very special gig. Do you have a setlist prepared?

Yes, I do! And I will play songs from my earlier solo albums. That was requested by the promoter. So, that’s going to be songs from “Deus Ex Machina”. Well, I would say from the first three albums. They will be songs from all solo albums, actually. And also, of course, from my upcoming solo album. Of course, “Skylight”, “Gravity”, “Have Courage Dear Heart”. Of course, I will play those songs. And I will play a couple of Theatre Of Tragedy’s songs. It’s going to be a special night! 

M.I. -  In these dark days, how do you see the music scene and do think that this year will also be affected by the pandemic?

We were kind of optimistic in Europe. In the beginning of the year, schools opened, shops started to open again, but now countries like Norway and Finland are closing down again. There’s seems to be a new pandemic wave coming in and we’ve been watching the situation in South and Latin America, which is really, really serious. So, I really don’t know what is going to happen. Of course, I hope that I will be able to enter stage, in August, but at the moment, Europe is going into a new pandemic phase. So, we will see! But I’m just very, very happy, to have my steady job. My safe job! I see that musicians are suffering! Artists are suffering! I see that and I’m very happy to hear that most of us have found some new ways to earn the money, that we need to support our families and our daily lives! 
So, what comes out of a critical situation? If you do not fall into the victim roll, you will get stronger! And when you manage to go through the crisis, you will have new ideas! So, I have to say that, to me, it has been very important! When we’re in lockdown, to use the situation, to find new ways for myself, to sit with myself, to really come up with new strategies and not be in despair. If you act out of fear and despair, it’s going to be a hard way for you! So, I think fear is a big issue right now! The whole world is in fear and that does make us wiser! It’s also affecting our immune system, in a negative way! I really wish that the big leaders out there, the spiritual leaders, would tell this! So, we can come up with new strategies! So, we can leave the fears aside for some time, because if you act out of fear, it’s just going to be desperate! There’s nothing positive coming out of that!

M.I. -  Name a band/singer you would like to sing and tour with.

I’ve always dreamt about touring and singing with Ozzy (laughs)! I just adore Kate Bush! I do! Yes! And I adore the one person, you probably know, that comes from Portugal!

M.I. -  Do tell!

We’ve toured together, a couple of times. Moonspell! Fernando! I love him! And I also bought their latest album, to enjoy it, with a glass of wine. Fernando is great! When we toured together, he bought me the biggest birthday cake ever! It was pink. He bought champagne and we partied together. I love him to death! He’s such a great guy! I can’t wait to see him again! And Michael knows it, too! They work together, too! If I can, I would like to send my greetings to Fernando! 

M.I. -  Thanks so much for this interview, it was so nice to talk to you. Any final words?

I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me this special evening together! For sharing this beautiful moment! I’m still moved to tears and I know it’s a privilege to have someone like you, in my surroundings, in my community. Thank you so much! For making this day a very special one! And to all of you out there, making my artistic way, a special one, THANK YOU!!!

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Questions by Raquel Miranda