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Interview with Marcela Bovio

Marcela Bovio is an artist who needs no introduction! After her success with Stream of Passion, she has released 2 solo albums, is a member of MaYan, recently released the “Dark Horse White Horse” EP from the new project with the same name, and still has a lot to do in music!

M.I. -  You have recently released a new debut EP of a new project Dark Horse White Horse. Can you tell us about it? What are the songs about? When did you star working on it?

Yes! It’s a new project I started with Jord Otto and Ruben Wijga; we’ve been working together for a couple of years now, but a few difficult things got in the way so it’s taken some time to release something. But, finally, here we are!
I wrote the song lyrics during quite a dark period of my life, so they’re all about depression and self-deprecating topics.

M.I. -  What best describes the sound of this new project?

I guess we could narrow it down to progressive metal. It’s got a lot of technical riffs, but also very melodic passages. It’s quite hectic, I believe, but my voice makes it a bit more accessible.

M.I. -  The self-titled EP has five songs. Do you have a favorite? What inspired the title of the album Dark Horse White Horse?

I like them all! I really can’t choose a favorite… The band and EP title is based on Plato’s Chariot allegory, in which he visualizes man as a charioteer driving a chariot pulled by two horses: one white (that represents man’s rational side) and one dark (that represents our impulsive, irrational side).

M.I. -  How has the EP feedback been so far?

It’s been great! We couldn’t be happier. I think it’s quite unique when both fans and critics can appreciate a release, and this has been the case with our EP, so we’re very excited.

M.I. -  Who created the concept of the album cover?

The band logo was created by BLACKLAKE from The Netherlands. I used the logo to create the layout. The album photos were taken by Emilie Garcin.

M.I. -  Can we expect the release of an album soon?

Not really. I’d like to start working on another EP soon, but I think I’ll be working on something else first.

M.I. -  You have released two solo albums. Was that something that you always wanted to do? What made you decide to go for it when you did?

Yes, I had been thinking about it for many years but never really dared to do it. At some point I just decided I wanted to go for it, and sat together with producer Joost van den Broek, who helped me choose a direction. That was the little push I needed to get started!

M.I. -  How do you prepare yourself to go on studio?

Lots of rehearsing! I don’t rehearse the songs a lot, but I do work a lot on technique before going to the studio. This way I can try out different things while recording.

M.I. -  What and who are your biggest inspirations?

My mom is one of my biggest inspirations. She taught me from a very young age that I should work hard to fulfill my dreams, no matter what anybody else thinks and how difficult it will be.

M.I. -  You are also a member of the band MaYaN. What has been your biggest challenge there as a member of the band?

Honestly, when I think of MaYaN, I just think of fun! It’s so easy to work with those guys and gals, that everything goes super smoothly. I guess I could say the biggest challenge has been not to bump into anyone on stage, (laughts)!

M.I. -  The album “Dhyana” from MaYaN has had a huge amount of feedback from the public. Which music gave you most pleasure singing?

Actually, one of the songs that I enjoyed recording the most didn’t make the album! It’s called “Hate me as I am”, and it was the first time I tried doing distorted vocals in the studio. I was very pleased with the results!

M.I. -  Do you have any rituals before going on stage?

I need some peace and quiet. I like to take my time to get ready and put on my makeup. With MaYaN this is usually together with Laura, and we have a great time. Afterwards I’ll do some warm up drills and try to spend a few minutes just being quiet and focused.

M.I. -  You do a lot of things and have been in several projects. In music, is there anything you still want to try/do?

So many things! I want to keep writing solo music, explore other genres, and work on this online music school project I have with my good friend Merel Bechtold… It’s going to be great!

M.I. -   What is your best memory from Stream of Passion?

Too many to count. But playing live in Mexico has a special place in my heart; the last show we had in Mexico City was magical!

M.I. -  What was your funniest moment on stage?

Gosh, I’m afraid I don’t have any great stories about that. If you ever go see me live, you’ll see that I can be very silly on stage, but nothing is really memorable I guess, (laughts)!

M.I. -  What have you been listening to lately?

A bit of everything: some Motown, some metal, some prog, some Selena and los Dinos because of the Netflix series.

M.I. -  You have an account on Patreon. Can you tell us a little more about it and what people can expect?

It’s my little inner circle! I share new songs with them, demo versions of things, the story behind the tracks I write… I do a lot of patron suggested cover songs, and we have regular live q&a sessions.

M.I. -  Any last words for your fans in Portugal?

Ola! Thanks for reading, and I sure hope we get to see each other on tour real soon!

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Questions by Tatiana Andersen