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Interview with Sodom

We all know there are bands... and awesome bands. German outfit Sodom is one awesome band that was formed in the 80's and has been marking the Thrash Metal genre ever since then. Tom talked to Metal Imperium about the new EP "Partisan", the Headbangers Ball tour and the upcoming album.

M.I. - The band has a new recent line-up. How are things working so far?

Very good and effective. At the time we are preparing the setlist for the upcoming Headbangers Ball tour. We are also about to start writing new songs for the upcoming album.

M.I. - Frank Blackfire is back in the band… it’s like a long-lost son has returned home. How’s the chemistry between you two now? How does the chemistry between members affect the sense of band and the sounds the band creates?

After splitting up with Berni and Makka, I got in touch with Blackfire to join the band. I knew that he had his own solo project and was also playing with Assassin. He told me that these bands were not so busy at the time and he would have enough time to join Sodom for the upcoming rehearsal session and live show. That was amazing and it seemed like a big chance for him to return to the international metal scene. When we rehearsed Nuclear Winter, Sodomy & Lust, Christ Passion for the first time, I was so astonished that the guitar sound was exactly the same as on the Persecution Mania or Agent Orange albums. Now, we are able to reproduce the songs in an original way during the live sets. Frank is still one the coolest guys I have ever met !

M.I. - Now that the line-up feels like a family… were you all equally involved in the writing of the new tracks? How does the process happen with Sodom? How complicated is it adapting to a whole new line-up?

There are no discussions about what we do next, cause we are all moving into the same direction. You have to realize, that Husky and Yorck are big Sodom fans, so they came up with a lot of ideas for the new songs and upcoming setlists. And yes, it seems like a big family to me and there is a huge friendship between the musicians.

M.I. - For the first time you have two guitarists… why have you opted to add another guitarist after so many years?

Now we are able to perform songs which are not working with just one. Even my bass can’t replace a second guitar. The live sound is getting more brutal and dynamic. I thought about a second guitarist years before and I have talked to Bernemann about that idea. But he told me, that he would never accept a second axeman by his side.

M.I. - The band has a new EP “Partisan” that just came out… is this an EP to present the new line-up and intensity of Sodom in 2018?

Yes, exactly. We want to show people that we are still alive and we keep on going after this turbulent year. The new songs remark the new musical direction. It is also a good idea to promote the upcoming tour with the EP.

M.I. - The new track from the EP “Partisan” is already available… and it seems “Sodom are back with a vengeance” (as stated in your official Facebook page). What does it mean exactly? 

This was not my personal statement but they are right. We want to make songs more brutal, heavier and inexorable. New material combined with all the historical Sodom attitudes that make the band so unique and outstanding. 

M.I. - You’re currently working on new material so when will a new album come out, considering you’ll be busy touring at the end of the year?

Yes, but we want to work it out without any time-pressure, so we don’t talk about a release date with the record company. But, if everything is prepared we will try to release it in the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020. You are right, we are always busy with shows and touring but we will find enough time to start writing new material. We’ll see!

M.I. - The new material supposedly is filled with adrenaline… where do you get all this energy and adrenaline from?

It’s just my passion and life is the biggest inspiration. We are living in a world that is getting more out of control. That makes me sick. I cannot change all the things, because I am not politically active. But I have the chance to scream my rage out on stage… that’s like a therapy for me and it helps me survive.

M.I. - Sodom will be touring in December with Death Angel, Exodus and Suicidal Angels…  this is quite an intense bill. What can fans expect? Will you play new songs or older ones?

I am looking really forward to it. We take the co-headlining part and we just have one hour running time. So, we have to choose very carefully. We want to play the new songs and the classics, combined with some rarities, that will change from show to show.

M.I. - The band’s been around for so many years… for how long do you want to keep on going?

I don’t know. I think that it is very important to stay creative and healthy. This music is my life and I don’t want to think about an end. I have so many plans for Sodom’s future. At the time we are writing songs for the new album and also planning the shows and tours for next year. So, we want to enjoy this music as long as possible.

M.I. - Fans seem to be thrilled with Sodom in 2018… what can be expected from now on?

A line-up that is standing 100% behind me and the whole project. Implicit and loyal. The next album will be the most important of my life… but, believe me, this will be a killer. We don’t want to leave our fans disappointed about anything we do, so we will give the best to come back with an outstanding result.

M.I. - The band formed in the 80’s…things were very difficult but more intense and real… do you miss those days? 

Oh yes, I miss the good old days. That was like a revolution against parents, teachers and establishment and also against Posers and Poppers, who hate this music. Metal fans were a minority, because music like “Deutsche Welle” and “New Wave” were very popular in the beginning of the 80’s. I was in a school class with 30 pupils and I was the only one who listened to metal. That was strange, but we respected each other. I think the whole metal scene changed for worse, because it’s getting more confusing in these times. I also hate to talk about a Thrash revival, because bands like Kreator, Destruction and Slayer never stopped doing it. This music is established and will always be. But I realize that there is a new generation of very young fans growing up, which prefer the older and historical bands.

M.I. - What’s your favourite music genre these days? Do you stick to extreme sounds or do you also listen to more commercial stuff?

Big fan of old school metal and Rock-music. The eighties are still in my mind and when I listen to this music I feel like going back to the glorious old times. I know, there are many new bands around, but I never will find the time to listen to them all…

M.I. - The band has played in Portugal and we’d like to have you back here. Are you familiar with the Portuguese metal scene? When will we have the chance to see you play here again?

We love Portuguese fans and all the shows we’ve done are still a great memory to me. We always had a wonderful time and we felt like family members. The fans are very enthusiastic and thankful. They know how to live and to enjoy the metal music. If there is any serious promoter out there, please get in contact with my agency… and we will see you soon!

M.I. - Thanks for your time. Please share a message with the fans and readers of Metal Imperium.

Thanx for supporting us all over the decades and we hope to see you guys soon. Take care. You rule!
Your friend Tom!

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