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Interview with Myrath

Myrath are a band formed in 2001, in Ez-zahra, Tunisia. The current members are Zaher Zorgati as lead vocals, Malek Ben Arbia on guitar, Anis Jouini on bass guitar, Elyes Bouchoucha on keyboards and backing vocals and Morgan Berthet on drums.  In 2019 they've launched their fifth studio album "Shehili" and they are now launching a live DVD "Live in Carthage". We've talked to them to know a little bit more about the band and the new DVD.

M.I - You have released your album studio « Shehili » in May 2019 and you have been touring to promote this album. Why a live album now? 

« Live in Carthage » is our first DVD, filmed during our show in Carthage last year, a show in which we played from both « Shehili » and previous albums and it was received with great enthusiasm from our audience in Tunisia. 
We wanted to seize the momentum of « Shehili » and feel that it is the best moment to introduce our fans and new listeners alike to our live show experience which is much more than just the music. 

M.I -  Myrath have played in Wacken and Sweden Rock this year. How did it feel like to play on both these festivals?

Simply amazing! We had the pleasure of performing in both legendary festivals this year and needless to say it was a dream come true. 
The star aligned for our Sweden Rock Festival performance as we were asked to play second show on the very same day and ended up being the headliner show of  the festival, playing for more than 35 000 people.

M.I. - What has the reaction from the public to your songs been so far?

As far as we can tell, it has been overwhelmingly positive! We keep on receiving passionate supportive feedback from our public on a daily basis in addition to the reaction videos on YouTube which we enjoy watching! Keep them coming!! 

M.I. - What was the craziest or funniest thing that happened on tour?

It is nearly impossible to think of just one! We experience a crazy thing or several ones every day, from the delayed planes on the very first day of the tour and rushing to sound checks to missing luggages and instruments. Not to mention the backstage tricks we pull on each other almost like a daily task.

M.I. - What do you enjoy most about touring?

Every single thing! The fast paced daily life rhythm, discovering a new city every day, playing for new and old fans and most importantly getting to meet our large family of fans and friends all around the world. 

M.I. - And what do you enjoy less about touring?

The long hours of bus journeys between the cities as we are always excited to arrive fast to the venue.

M.I. -  Who are your biggest influences?

Each one of us has its own influences and we also share a lot of common ones. We love Symphony X, Black Sabbath, and Death for example, while also enjoying Jazz, Soul, and some pop, not to forget our folkloric heritage of Tunisian, North African and Arabic Music. 

M.I. - How is the process of songwriting?

A creative SandStorm! We seize every opportunity we have when we are together to exchange ideas and thoughts about new compositions and evolve them as we move along. Each one of us brings something unique to the creative process which ends up in what you all hear as a new Myrath song. 

M.I: - You are coming to Portugal in 2020, but have been in Portugal previously with Epica. How were you received by the Portuguese public?

We had some of our best touring moments in Portugal and we have always loved playing there. We are well received in your beautiful country and feel great energy from the crowd every time.

M.I. - Since we are ending 2019, what were your high and lows this past year and what are your expectations for 2020?

2019 was one of the best years in our career so far, it is hard to choose one out of the many unforgettable moments we had this year! The release of our fifth studio album 'Shehili' and our first DVD 'Live in Carthage', our first appearance in Wacken, and that awesome experience in Sweden Rock Fest! We had a great year indeed and are looking forward for what 2020 has in store for us. We are currently working on our sixth album, and preparing for our headlining tour next spring, in addition to several exciting festival dates. 

M.I. - And last, do you want to leave any special message to your fans in Portugal?

We love you all and cannot wait to catch up with you on our magical tour in Lisbon and Porto next March!

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Interview by Isabel Martins