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Interview with Coronatus

This German band, that started in 1999, shared some things with us, such as the new album and the main influences for it, the story of having two female vocalists and the release party. Enjoy!!!

M.I. - Hello and thank you so much for this interview. How are you guys feeling?

Very well, thanks! We finished a new album, made two videos and played a release show. This makes me very proud again. There is a lot of effort contained in such activities.

M.I. -  Tell us about a bit about yourselves, as a band.

Well, to be honest, we are not really a band since at least our 5th album (Recreatio Carminis). We are rather a project for symphonic metal music. Our outstanding brand are the two female singers. One soprano, one more rock style. We have strong influences of folk and medieval character but sometimes also other kinds of music. So, one can say, CORONATUS is a cross over project with roots, mainly in symphonic and gothic metal.

M.I. - You started in 1999 but, in 2004, we saw a different line up: two female vocalists, with distinct vocal ranges. What can you tell us about that?

This is really an old story: we had a gig offer, but no vocalist. In a casting, two girls convinced us with their voices. Carmen with her bright soprano and Verena with a very smoky rock voice. Indeed, we could not decide, which one would fit better to our music. So, we finally decided to take both and to split the vocal lines between the two voices. This was the “real” birth of CORONATUS, I think.

M.I. - You are German, but can sing in English and Latin, due to the music themes you approach. Why Latin and have you studied it?

The sound of the Latin speech supports the grandeur we liked to express in our music very well in former albums. However, we did not write Latin lyrics for years. On the last 3 albums no Latin lyrics have been used at all. This is also due to the fact that no one of us has studied Latin, especially not me. And since, meanwhile I am writing most of our music and lyrics alone, I would be very hard for me to do this in Latin. But I can imagine using Latin lyrics in future productions, if I will be able to spend enough time to learn more about Latin.

M.I. - Twelve years went by since it all started and you toured with several bands, such as Haggard and Within Temptation. Tell us how was it for you, professionally speaking?

To be honest, we did not tour with Within Temptation. We only played as their support for one single show in Budapest. Of course, this was a great experience, as well as the tour with Haggard in 2011. Especially Within Temptation did and still does influence our music very much, so it was a great honour to support them.

M.I. - In June 2007, you launched your first album (“Lux Noctis”), through Massacre Records and on the 29th November 2019 was the release of your ninth studio album (“The Eminence Of Nature”, by Massacre Records). Tell us how everything went with this new one.

It started out with the songwriting of course. This was done by myself at home at the computer, as I ever line out the songs in first version. Most of the songs I wrote from Autumn 2018 to Spring 2019. I always write music first, containing the vocal lines as well. The lyrics follow later. Then, these versions were transferred to Dennis, who worked out the orchestral parts of the songs and transferred them to the studio of Markus Stock (Klangschmiede Studio E). Then, in our first recording session in April, I recorded the drums and Kristina the violin parts. The guitars by Jörn, male vocals and female rock voice vocals as well as choirs have been recorded in our second session in May by Teddy and Mareike, respectively. Then the first real problem appeared: Carmen, who first agreed to sing the soprano parts withdrew her participation. Thus, we had to find another singer, which we finally found in Katharina, a professional soprano singer with a Master of Arts. Thus, in a third very short recording session in June, she managed to sing all missing soprano and choir parts, in only 5 hours!! This was really a great job. Up to this time, the bass was still missing, since Bert had no time to join the recording. Thus, again, Markus recorded the bass lines himself. After all that, mixing and mastering by Markus completed the album production. This was in August already.

M.I. - "9000 Years Ago" is one of the tracks that was available for streaming. What is the meaning of the song?

This song deals with the initial colonization of Scandinavia, after the last ice age in Europe. Of course, we added some fantasy aspects to this. The story is not meant to reflect a scientific picture of history.

M.I. - On the 30th November, you had a release party. The location was "Wunderwerk" in Hechingen (around 70km south of Stuttgart) and you had a special guest: Melly. Were there any other surprises?

The release party was fine! We enjoyed playing the show and presented most of the new songs for the very first time live!

M.I. - The album cover is a woman on the mountains, like she was on a fight. Does this have any message?

It simply reflects the close human connection to nature and the rough struggle of life which always accompanies this connection. Humans can adore and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, we also must be humble to its power and might. 

M.I. - Who were your main influences for this album?

The main influences for me are bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Meat Loaf and many, many others. Of course, this will always touch my own songwriting. But I do not think, it was different this time than for the previous albums. 

M.I. - “Midsommar” is like an Irish-Folk-Metal tune. Beautiful, so magnificent. Do tell us more.

Indeed, this tune is a little bit outstanding, since initially I wrote it for another project and thus the lead vocals have been male, sang by Teddy. It has been the first song I wrote after the “Secrets of Nature" album. Both Kristina and I are great fans of Irish music.

M.I. - Any plans to come to Portugal, next year? 

It would be great! If there will be any invitation, we would be proud to come to your land!

M.I. - Thanks so much. And any final words you would like to leave to our readers?

Thank you! Just enjoy our music!

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Questions by Raquel Miranda