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Interview with Bewitcher

Bewitcher are, once again, inviting us to join them at the crossroads, drink from the chalice of rock ’n' roll, then ritualistically sell our soul to the dark lord himself. The band is back with their Rock ’n' roll Devil’s music, and are about to see their newest album “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” be released via Century Media Records on April 16th. Keep on reading to find out more about the band’s new output.

M.I. - First off, many thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and congratulations on the new album. I’ve quite enjoyed it!  “Satanic Magick Attack” is the 1st song taken from Bewitcher’s upcoming 3rd studio album, “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”, that is set for a release on April 16th, 2021. How have the reactions to it been so far? Are you pleased?

Overall, the reactions have been really good for all the singles, which I think will only get better once people get to hear the record in its entirety. 

M.I. - M. von Bewitcher has commented: “The devil’s rock n’ roll is alive and well, its flames kept burning bright by its devoted legions. The battle lines are drawn, the declarations have been made. When the shock troops of hell finally charge over the top, there will be no escaping the attack!” What can fans expect of the new album? What are your personal expectations?

They can expect what we always deliver, which is fiery, high octane heavy metal from the depths of hell! I have no expectations, but I think our fans both old and new will dig it.

M.I. - Has the recording process been affected by the pandemic somehow? How much has the virus messed with your plans regarding the new album?

It initially made rehearsing and scheduling studio time more difficult, but eventually we were able to overcome those obstacles. It gave us more free time to really hone the songs to a diamond-tipped point, however. So in the end, it actually helped make for a better finished product in a weird way. 

M.I. - The band usually deals with themes such as Satan, witchcraft and hedonism. Have you written lyrics on the same line of thought? What topics are addressed in this album «Cursed be Thy Kingdom»? 

The lyrical topics are a bit more diverse on this record, although they do have certain common threads. The topics range from the usual occult and witchcraft stuff, to American blues folklore, war, tour life, and even a little dark cosmic fantasy for good measure. 

M.I. - The figures on the cover are both female... why? Because of the female power? In an age in which women are trying to get the same treatment as men, do you think women should be more valued by society? What should change?

I don't think we're making any grand feminist proclamations or anything, but it's safe to say that Bewitcher has always been a very pro-woman type of band. At least as much so as three dumb dudes possibly can be! (laughts). We all have strong women in our lives and always have, so we just try to show some appreciation for them and for anyone fighting for equality and freedom. Because freedom, liberation and living by the call of the wild is what this band has always stood for.

M.I. - M. von Bewitcher says: “The Devil is always ready to make the deal…”. How long does the deal last? How long will you stick with it? 

To. The. Death.

M.I. - In your opinion, how much impact will «Cursed be Thy Kingdom» and Bewitcher have in the metal scene in 2021? Will you shake things up more than the virus has? 

I'm sure I have no idea. What I do know is that in 2021, what the world desperately needs is some real fuckin' rock & roll, and you better believe we're gonna give it to you!

M.I. - This is the band’s first output via Century Media Records. How did this deal come up? How will things change for the band now that you are signed to a big label?

We had been talking with them for a couple of years, but the time wasn't right for us initially. We eventually reached a mutually beneficial agreement last year and, so far, things have gone pretty smoothly. Other than the obvious things like a wider audience and better touring opportunities, I don't think much will really change for the band at all. We're still going to do things our way and make music on our own standards and terms.

M.I. - How will you promote the new album? Supposedly some American states are tired of the lockdowns and will return to normal soon, that includes venues opening up for gigs. Have you got any tour plans already?

There is no supposedly about it, America is ready to get back to business. Shows are already happening on a smaller scale and it will only ramp up from here, I think. Nothing is set in stone yet, but our goal is to be on the road by year's end. We'll see how it goes!

M.I. - Please share a final message with Metal Imperium’s readers. All the best! 

We hope to make our return to Europe and bring the fire of the devil's rock n' roll to scorch the Portuguese soil very soon! Until then, keep the flame burning... forever hard, forever hungry! Cheers.

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca