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Interview with Ghost Bath

Atmospheric black metallers Ghost Bath will release their fourth full-length album "Self Loather" on October 29th via Nuclear Blast Records. With this album, the band closes out their trilogy: tragedy, ecstasy, and dread/hatred - and hosts their most devastating and dark music to date. The album includes the track “Hide From The Sun" featuring CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder, who takes it to the next level!
Main man Dennis Mikula (vocals, guitar, piano, synths) was available for a chat with Metal Imperium. Here’s what he had to say!

M.I. - Your sound is defined as Depressive suicidal Black Metal. Which bands of this genre in particular have had an impact on you?

Suicidal Euphoria

M.I. - Was your intention for Ghost Bath to be a Depressive suicidal Black Metal band or did it just happen?

It was my intention. My own take on the genre. A mix between Agalloch style melody and chords, with DSBM themes and atmosphere, and Silencer-esque vocals.

M.I. - Your new album “Self Loather” will be available by the end of October. What are your expectations?

I expect people to be pleasantly surprised. 

M.I. - The fans seem to be excited about the new tracks and are looking forward to the release. What can they expect of the new album?

I expect people to be pleasantly surprised.

M.I. - There has been a 4-year gap between your last album “Starmourner” and “Self Loather”... was this because of the pandemic?

Partly. We started writing at the end of 2019 and then the pandemic hit so we took our time with it. Since we knew we weren’t going to be able to tour anyway. 

M.I. - Did the pandemic and the lockdowns influence the album somehow?

Not really, other than giving us a bit more time to work on it. I think it would have sounded much the same without the pandemic. 

M.I. - The track “Hide from the sun” features CJ of Thy Art Is Murder who gave it an extra punch and twist with his vocals. When did you realize his voice would be perfect for the track?

Discussing with the band, we knew we wanted something different. I loved hearing his vocals live while on tour with Thy Art is Murder and thought they would make a great addition to this album sinc eit is our heaviest. 

M.I. - In your opinion, are the new songs “Hide from the sun” and “Convince me to bleed” a good representation of the new album?

Somewhat. Convince Me to Bleed was the first track we wrote and sort of set the tone for what we were going for. Hide From the Sun is a bit different (a more DSBM track) but still fits well with the others, I’d say.

M.I. - Will any other songs be released before the release date of “Self Loather”?

They were supposed to. But they did not. 

M.I. - “Hide from the sun” is the track closer to traditional BM in what vocals are concerned. Who’s your inspiration vocalist within the BM scene, in case you have one. And why?

As far as black metal vocals, I used my own inspiration. The lower vocals come from a more death metal background like Witch Vomit and Tomb Mold. 

M.I. - This album is the final part of a trilogy. Doom and hatred were the focus on this one. Why have you decided to do a trilogy with emotions? Are the emotions portrayed biographical?

They are the basic human emotions that all can connect with, just delivered from my personal experience. The idea came from abstract painter Mark Rothko who listed these emoptions once in an interview before his suicide. 

M.I. - Do you think your albums appeal to different types of people because you expose your feelings?

I have no idea why my music connects with people to be honest. I normally don’t connect with anyone in every day life. This must just be my true honest expressions. Maybe people can see that. 

M.I. - If you could advise people who aren’t familiar with your sound, which album would you tell them to listen to first and why? 

I’d probably tell them to listen to someone less depressing. 

M.I. - You had to let go of a lot of songs because they didn’t fit this album. Will they eventually be used in future albums?


M.I. - The merchandise is selling really fast... is this a good omen?

I don’t do this for money. I guess it means people enjoy what they have heard so far of the album. 

M.I. - Dennis Mikula is the main mand behind the band. Does it mean he’s responsible for all compositions, lyrical and musical or do the other members also help out?

I (Dennis) wrote everything for all previous albums. In Self Loather, I played guitar, piano, synths, wrote the lyrics, did vocals, and helped compose and write all songs with the rest of the band. We all contributed to every song on this album. 

M.I. - Sigur Ros has been one of the inspirations for this album. Do you often get inspired by other bands outside the metal underground scene?

Sigur Ros was an inspiration for my lack of lyrics in previous albums. They use a made up language that fit with the music. That’s what I used to do. For Self Loather, I wrote lyrics. I find a LOT of inspiration for my music outside of underground metal. In fact, I find MOST of my inspiration from outside of it. 

M.I. - Extreme BM bands are usually more successful here in Europe than in the US. Do oyu have any idea where your biggest fanbase is based?

I’m honestly not sure. I know we have a big following in the UK. Japan. The US. Mexico. Maybe those are our biggest. 

M.I. - Nuclear Blast will be releasing this album. Do you believe it will grant you even more attention, hence more shows and festivals around the world? What do you think will “happen” to Ghost Bath now?

Nuclear Blast is great. I think touring is fucked right now so I have no idea what tours or festivals we can get on. I’m frustrated with it all to be honest. Maybe we will never play live again. 

M.I. - There are no plans yet to tour and promote “Self Loather”. When do you think it might be possible finally? How much do you miss playing live?

I think touring is fucked right now so I have no idea what tours or festivals we can get on. I’m frustrated with it all to be honest. Maybe we will never play live again.

M.I. - One last question: I read that the band originally claimed to be from Chongqing in China. Is this true? If so, why did you make this up?

I did. I felt like it. 

M.I. - Metal Imperium Webzine would like to thank you for your time and music. Could you please leave a final message for our readers and Ghost Bath’s fans? Keep on rocking! All the best!

Thank you for the interview. Check out the album on October 29th. 

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca