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Interview with Diabolisches Werk

Diabolisches Werk is a newly formed trio from the depths of the underground. This band consists of members of Endstille, Tauthr and Dysangelium, among other bands, and play an unholy and destructive form of death / thrash metal. In 2021, Kruger joined Pissmark, Knochenmark and Smellhammer making Diabolisches Werk a tighter and more complete killing machine. 
Pissmark answered Metal Imperium’s questions about the new album and their plans for 2022. Appreciate the Beast!

M.I. - Diabolisches Werk means and is the work of the devil. Why is this the best name for this band?

The idea was to choose a sinister theme to match the musical genre. There is a church institution in Germany called Diakonisches Werk. Diabolisches Werk, however, is like an inversion of this Christian organization. It is the work of the devil. So pure blasphemy and the rejection of their religious values. At the same time also a provocation for those who propagate these values.

M.I. - The founding members of this band have been active in the extreme music scene for decades... why did you feel the need to create another project? Are you no longer involved in the projects you are famous for?

We are still active in these bands.
Since we have been making music together for a very long time, we have become a very good team. Musically, we also have a lot in common. So there are a lot of musical ideas that don't fit so much with the other bands. That's why we founded Diabolisches Werk, to put these other influences we have into songs.

M.I. - Is Diabolisches Werk the result of lockdown boredom somehow? How did you manage to create a project so interesting when most of the world was facing mental issues due to the pandemic?

During all this time, which is still going on, I have never been bored. When I think back to the beginning of the pandemic, I have to say that it inspired me a lot. So many scared people who thought they were about to die, empty streets, supermarkets, etc. I remember walking around and enjoying the atmosphere. That was a great experience to write very dark and aggressive music. That inspired me a lot. So you can say that the album Beast was a consequence of the pandemic, but it was not the reason for the creation of Diabolisches Werk.

M.I. - The band is pure musical blasphemy, combining death and thrash metal in its most brutal form. What else do Diabolisches Werk have got to “offer” to the extreme metal scene? 

I think there is a lot of our musical experience in the songs. We have created songs in a style that we haven't done before. But you can also see our background... which is kind of logical, because music is also always a mirror of our soul and our being. So the album has its own atmosphere, a kind of darkness that is maybe not so typical for these genres.

M.I. - Your debut album “Beast” was released in December last year. Prior to that you released three singles. How have the singles/album been received?

Pretty good. We got pretty good feedback. That surprised me in a positive way. It's always a good feeling when you realise that people like what you've created.

M.I. - “Beast” was supposed to be out in November but it was only released in December... it’s not that much of a difference but what caused the delay?

There was no major reason for the delay. It was just some scheduling problems. But it was nothing worth mentioning.

M.I. - Who or what is the “Beast”?

A beast is something that is wild, aggressive and mean by nature. The beast also has a religious aspect. A powerful and dark being. These double meanings and adjectives fit the album very well. In this case, the beast is not really a physical being. It is more a symbol and a description of status.

M.I. - The image on the video “False Flag” includes the American Flag in a different position from the usual one and two upside-down crosses... what’s the message behind this song?

The lyrics of the song have a very different approach from the others. While the rest of the songs have a spiritual meaning, this one is socially critical. The lyrics were written at the time when protesters in the US stormed Capital Hill in Washington DC. But it's not just about those protesters. That was just the trigger. But it was an example of how a few people, the so-called leaders, influence people. In the end, one side then blames the other for the damage done. In the end, it is always the people who are to blame and not their leaders.
The US flag is a symbol of harm and oppression that is spread all over the world. Since the event mentioned was the trigger for the lyrics, the artwork also fits very well with the meaning of the song.... Even though oppression and agitation were already a worldwide and cross-border problem in the past, they are also and especially now clearly noticeable almost everywhere.

M.I. - In a Facebook post in August, the band wrote “One more warning shot, forewarning the world to the impending Armageddon coming in this fall through Uprising Records, when we’ll release our debut album.” Tell us more about this impending Armageddon. What topics do you approach in your lyrics?

The lyrics of the particular songs have partly different inspirations. These were, for example, old religious writings, descriptions of fantasies or old paintings. The lyrics of the song The Sinkhole, for example, were influenced by the painting Inferno by Botticelli. The works of Hieronymus Bosch also had a strong influence on the lyrics of the album. These masterpieces fit very well with our music and inspired us a lot.
But as also the heresy of ancient Gnostic writings has had a strong influence on our work.
So even with the lyrics, there are many different sources that have helped shape this album.

M.I. - The cover artwork and logo is all red and black... do you think these colours are the perfect ones to convey your diabolic message due to the emotions and feelings often associated with them?

Black and red always make a very dark and strong combination. When I write music, I always think of the colour that these songs have in common. Both the sound and the colours create an atmosphere and a way of being. Before we started working on the artwork, I felt that the only colours that fit the atmosphere of the album are black and red.
Besides, these two colours are quite old school when it comes to album covers, and that fits Diabolisches Werk very well.

M.I. - Taking in consideration all the strange things happening in our world at the moment (volcanos erupting frequently, storms, covid...)... do you believe Armageddon is literally coming?

I always thought that when Armageddon happens, I want to experience it. Which is maybe a bit stupid because you don't get anything out of the experience afterwards, (laughts).... But it would be a very special event for our planet. Next to the dinosaurs who have already experienced it, it would be very special for us.... Sorry, just kidding.
Stephen Hawking once said that he believed humanity would be gone in 100 years. He was a smart man. So maybe the apocalypse for humanity is not so far away. There are many signs that he might be right.

M.I. - Has your experience as musicians helped you create the sound you wanted?

Yes, because you no longer have to think about the basics. We are still learning and improving all the time. But the experience helps a lot, of course... as with everything in life.

M.I. - Has music helped you face hard times in your personal times, has it helped you keep your mental sanity during these strange days the world is going through?

Probably it does. Most of the things I do have something to do with music. There are melodies for every single moment. Everywhere I go, there is at least music in my head or in my ears. So it is a big part of my life and I can't imagine living without it.
Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm sane or crazy, (laughts). But playing, creating and listening to music helps to cope with life, of course.

M.I. - How did the deal with Uprising! Records come up? Would you say you being well-known in the music industry has given it a helping hand?

When you've been in the music scene for so many years, you come into contact with a lot of people. Uprising and we got in touch through a friend I knew because of other projects I'm working on. It's always good to know each other (thanks Søren).

M.I. - Hopefully touring will be possible this year... have you got any plans so far? If you do, will Portugal be included?

We already had some plans. But unfortunately they were all destroyed by the current situation. But we hope that we can hit the stage as soon as the times for concerts get better again.
I have only played once in Portugal. That was at the mighty SWR Barroselas Metalfest. That was a lot of fun and I remember it very well. It would be great to come to Portugal again. I keep my fingers crossed that one day we can come to Portugal with Diabolisches Werk.

M.I. - Considering you’re a new band, is there a special message you’d like to share with Metal Imperium’s readers?

These are tough times for musicians in general and these days are really tough for new bands. So if you like Beast, help us spread the word.

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca