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Interview with Afsky

Afsky hails from Denmark and the debut album “Sorg” features special guests such as the mighty Myrkur. The man behind this project chatted with Metal Imperium… read about it…

M.I. - Who is Afsky? What does Afsky mean?

Afsky means disgust or detest and is just me, my personal space and project. 

M.I. - Why did you feel the need to create a Depressive Black Metal Project knowing the scene is so over crowded these days? What’s the main message you want to share with your listeners?

Because it isn’t about getting fame but just a way to express what I feel. And I don’t really want to share anything, I wrote the songs for my own sake to be honest. 

M.I. - How are people reacting to Afsky?

I have seen people crying at one of the live shows, that meant a lot. I also had a guy who wrote me that my music helped him getting through a very rough phase in his life. I appreciate that a lot. When something I wrote in a sad state of mind, and people will feel the same when performed live or on the other side can help them get through, I think that says a lot. 

M.I. - “Sorg” is your 1st full-length… how are things going? How are the reviews?

It was welcomed very good I think. It seems like people agree that there is nothing groundbreaking about what I do, but I haven’t read a bad review yet, so I guess my listeners have the same taste as I. 

M.I. - What are Afsky’s musical influences?

Folk and classical music I would say, but of course also a lot of metal bands. Music with heart and soul. 

M.I. - All the lyrics are written in Danish. Is it the best language to exactly showcase your feelings? What do you write about?

Definitely yes! A lot of foreign bands seem to write in English, but then you, in my opinion, lose a bit of the soul, and very often the lyrics sound very similar because you take your influence from other lyrics, and not from your heart. And I mostly write about personal stuff. How I dislike the world and humanity as it is these days, and has been for a very long time. How the world is just getting dumber and how you feel inferior to being unable to do anything about it. But most of the lyrics I see myself as poems that I wrote when I was blue.  

M.I. - There is a limited edition of “Sorg” cassette tapes in handmade wooden boxes. Do you think the audiences are more demanding hence the need to be more creative? 

I don’t know, but I know that I myself, appreciate it when the band itself, put some effort into making something special about the stuff they sell. I can see why super big bands can’t spend all day crafting something by hand, if there are thousands of people who want there stuff. But for 99% of the time, I think that these bands merchandise is just poor and isn’t really worth spending money on. Especially not if you just start making random shit like mugs or toothbrushes with your logo in, just to make more money. I like the DIY way to do things, and that’s also why I have made it all myself. 

M.I. - In your opinion, which one is the most intense and powerful tracks of the album? Why?

I wrote Maaneløse Nat the night my heart was broken... so I guess that will be it! At least when I think about what I felt when I wrote it. But I also really like Vættekongen. It has a lot of raw power. Both lyrics and the music. 

M.I. - The cover artwork is “both delicate and raw” (as you put it)… who drew it? What’s the meaning behind it?

It’s a young poet who killed himself because he didn’t think he fitted into the world he was born in. I get that feeling, so therefore I thought it was perfect as an album cover. It was painted by Henry Wallis.

M.I. - One of the tracks features Myrkur on nyckelharpa and Troels from Huldre on hurdy gurdy. Why have you chosen these artists in particular? Do they relate better to your sound?

I have a personal relationship with Myrkur and I have always loved her music, so that’s why I had to have her on the record. Troels I didn’t know before, but I know some of the other band members from Huldre, so they set me up when I needed a hurdy gurdy. 

M.I. - The band has been playing some shows live… any plans to tour in order to promote “Sorg”? Or will you just play a few random gigs?

It wasn’t meant to become a live band. Like I said in another question, I wrote the songs for my own sake. It was actually Amalie who encouraged me to share the songs that became the EP. But I’m happy she did so. 

M.I. - What’s the biggest difficulty bands face in order to tour? 

Money. I hate to say it, and I’m not lying when I say that I don’t care about the money. But since it’s a solo project, it’s hard to ask other people to take days of from work, to go on tour and playing somebody else’s songs, if you’re pretty sure there will not be anything left after the gas and the food is paid. That makes it very hard to get out there. 

M.I. - I know the band has just released the 1st full-length but where do you want to go from here? Anything planned already for the near future?  Is there anything you’d wish to see come true for Afsky?

Now that I have been starting playing live, I of course want to continue with that. I’m also working on new material. But to begin, the EP will be released as vinyl with an extra track on it, Vinteren bæres ind. It’s not a new track, but I still think it deserves to be released on a physical media as well. 

M.I. - All the best to Afsky. Share a message with Metal Imperium’s readers. 

Thank you for your interest! And my message to the people is probably to treat nature well and stop destroying it… without it we are nothing. Sadly most people don’t seem to get that. 

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Questions by Sónia Fonseca